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    Default Teachers and advisors

    The type of your best teachers/advisors?
    Can be bosses, actual teachers, mentors, people you turn to for advice.
    What is their type?
    Also welcome to share your stories, or multiple types, (of course!)

    I always do well with ENTJ's in these authority/teaching positions.

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    One of my best teachers was an ENTJ. She was a bitch and lived in her own cloud of superiority, but she was highly competent in what she did. She also managed to instill in us some pretty important life principles. Which she didn't respect, by the way, but you've gotta make the best out of what life gives you, so I just took the general ideas, not how she applied them.

    Another remarkable teacher was an ESFJ. Again, she was highly competent, unfortunately, she was very lenient. Which meant that in order to take advantage of her classes, you had to be very decided to do so. Otherwise, it was very easy to become too complacent with what you already had to actually bother to study. She didn't mind.

    Although I am not entirely sure, I suspect that another one of my favourite teachers was an ESFJ. I might be entirely mistaken with her type, however, she gave pretty high grades for little work, so I assume there were resemblances between her and the one above. She was excellent at teaching and she was the reason why everybody from my class who passed their exams at her discipline got either a perfect score, either near perfect.

    Another memorable one was an xNTP (also a guess). Lousy teaching skills, but learned a lot from her.

    As to people that I turn to advice, now that I come to think about it, I've never that could actually be the mentor that I envision. However, the night is young and so am I, so I've got plenty of time to meet one.

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    ENTP prof, hes fascinating and easy going!

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    My two favorite teachers over the years would have to be an ENTP (Biology), ENFP (English), ExTx (Euclidean Geometry) and INTP (History). I enjoyed them all because they didn't take the question "why?" as an attempt to undermine their sense of authority. Not only that, but they encouraged the asking process AND answered the questions to the best of their ability.

    I enjoy people that can accept the validity of alternative explanations for events. While not always prudent to do so, I prefer people have an air of "transparency" in that it's easy to see their motivations. (for purposes of knowing how to communicate to the person) Following on the idea of transparency, I like people that aren't paranoid. It is one thing to be cautious in the interest of safety. It is another thing to perceive the external world as a threat looming around every corner and that everything experienced supports this threat.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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