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    Default Sound and emotion

    I'm a very auditive person and find the impact that sound has on me fascinating.

    Most people will agree with me that beautiful music can send shivers down your spine, and that spoken languages are the easiest way to communicate directly, 1 one 1.

    For me it goes further, to the point:

    1. Where I would rather loose my sight, smell, or taste then my hearing.
    2. The absence of sound actually makes me restless and uneasy, I don't have to hear music or organised sound, but there must be something. I sleep better on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when there are drunk students passing down my street, then on Sundays or Mondays, when the streets are quiet. This is regardless of how tired I am. I can't sleep with a lot of noise though, it hasn't gone that far.
    3. I appreciate every sound, beautiful harmonics in music can send shivers down my spine, but complete dissonance, like you find in breakcore, free jazz and some sorts of instrumental music works wonders for my mind as well
    4. I consciously notice sounds other people don't. The low buzzing of fridges, the high buzzing of televisions, the brushes of a knife as you cut a bread etc. These sounds don't annoy me, but I'm just consciously aware of them.
    5. I enjoy working for call-centres, not the best job in the world, but a great way to hear new voices and sounds.

    Some things I particularly enjoy:

    [YOUTUBE="M5Ejrcm7c_o"]Guus Meeuwis - Geef mij nu je angst[/YOUTUBE]

    The transition to, I think, a minor key at 2.28

    [YOUTUBE="YdYP_wuAnW4"]Venetian Snares - Labia[/YOUTUBE]

    Particularly the rather dissonant first 10 seconds.

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    Sounds are one of those things I have a HIGH preference for being in control of. While a control of one's environment in any form is usually desired, sound has always been of particular interest to me because hearing is the most disorienting of the physical senses in my observations.

    That being said, I'm a highly visual person. I strongly dislike not being able to see or visualize the creator of the sound I'm hearing. There's a reason talking out of someone's blind spot can be an effective interrogation technique.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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    I couldn't live without my hearing either

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    I'm an artist and I'd still rather be blind than deaf. Sound is very important. Very. Wouldn't you go crazy if you couldn't hear anything anymore?

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