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    Destroyer: Yavin - looks very similar to the B-wings from the original star wars trilogy, and first time yeu saw those was on Yavin IV, and the name sounds neat.

    Thorax: Crusader - not sure why actually; it looks more like an arrowhead, but the name crusader immediately came to mind for some reason.

    Iteron Mk III: 900k - all I can think of is the grateful dead song "tons of steel"

    It's one hell of an understatement, to say she can't be beat.
    She's tempermental, more a bitch than a machine.
    She wasn't built to travel at the speed a rumor flies,
    These wheels are bound to jump the tracks before they burn the ties

    900,000 tons of steel, made to roll.
    The brakes don't work and this grade's too steep, her engine's sure to blow
    900,000 tons of steel, out of control...
    She's more a rollercoaster than the train I used to know.

    Destroyer: Apocalypse - honestly it looks more like a weird crab insect thing though.

    Normally I'd pick goddess names or other character names, but those ships are rather specific in design and shape, eliciting more personalized names for them.

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    Starships should be named after:

    (1) Women
    (2) Pets
    (3) Race Horses (They are not pets)

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