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    I changed my mind.


    All you get to know is that every type is adequately supported and respectfully reflects normal type percentages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justxher View Post
    Oh sure, I'm going to go ahead and make a 15 page excel spreadsheet for this
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

    8w9 sx/so

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    I'm sure I have every type in my phone. Probably a few hundred SJ's, a few hundred SP's, 50 NT's and 30 NF's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew_Z View Post
    I'm not sure if "Pizza Hut" has a type.
    Lol, you sound like my close INTP friend.
    ENFP Male: E-74% N-95% F-58% P-84% 3w2
    "I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely." -Kim Basinger

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    ISTx (autistic kid whom I am tasked to socialize)
    INTJ (creepy guy)
    ESTJ (childhood friend)
    ENFJ (female friend)
    ENFJ (female close friend)
    INTJ (sister)
    INTJ (odd guy)
    ISFP guy
    ESFP girl
    ISFP guy (treacherous bastard)
    ESFJ girl (really funny)
    IxFJ girl
    ENFJ girl (Sweetness. My roommate in Oslo. Hot, but OCD).
    INTJ (Weirdest INTJ EVER. He's really funny )
    ExFP guy (seriously the most extroverted person ALIVE. He talks ALL the time and says "hi" five times in a row, really fast)
    ISFJ girl (some strange iranian girl who's a friend of a friend)
    ISFP guy (old classmate)
    ENFP guy (Thai guy whom I taught swedish when he started in my class in fifth grade. Really freaking nice guy.)
    INTP girl (a bit... mental)
    ENFJ guy (old friend, known him since I was three)
    ISTP guy (The immature bastard who used to date my sister)
    ESFP girl (she's just plain crazy)
    INFP girl (really cute, but a bit destructive)
    ESFJ girl (chaming but... OCD)
    ENTP (Brother! Possibly the most idealistic and crazy person alive)
    ENTP (a teacher of mine, really funny)
    ENFJ girl (really nice. She kind of resembles Fiona Glenanne in Burn Notice)
    ENTP girl (ATTITUDE!)
    ENTJ guy (This really cool kurdish guy in my old platoon)
    INFP girl (old friend, although I tried hitting on her for a while)
    ESTP (treacherous, backstabbing ****ing bastard)
    ESFP girl (really charming person, is my brothers girlfriend of almost a decade)
    ESFP guy (Finnish ESTP ship electrician... Good lord, we've had lots of fun)
    INFP guy (chiropractor whom I know outside of his profession)
    ISTP guy (Cousin. Engineer.)
    xxxx Landlord
    IxFJ girl (really charming girl whom I have had lots of nice conversations with)
    ISFP woman (department manager, sucks at her job and I dislike her. She likes me.)
    ISFP guy (that guy i've known for all my life. Really weird)
    ENFP guy (Norwegian. The Union representative at the shipyard)
    ESTP guy (electrician, damn good at his job, although he drinks too much and has a bad temper)
    ENTP guy (just.. strange. Not officially an engineer, although he does work as one.)
    INFP cuteness embodied ( girlfriend)
    ESFJ girl (really cracks me up)
    ISFJ girl
    xxxx human vegetable
    ENTP guy (really, really strange. Gun nut. We go out shooting sometimes)
    ExFx guy (know him from MMA practice and work)
    ESTJ guy (actually really funny, not your stereotypical lawgiver)
    ESFP girl (kinda like Candi in Two and a half men. Nice frame, really stupid )
    ESTP guy (an old alcoholic bastard cheat and former bankrobber gone electronics specialist)
    INTP guy (Linux freak, hacker... etc. Old classmate)
    INFP girl
    ENTP girl (Just... Odd. Nobody uses the words "wank", "wanking" and "wanker" quite as much)
    ENTP guy (Imagine an ENTP farmer who knows everything tech. Bombs? Snowmobiles? Forest machines? Quantum physics? He's got it.)
    ESTJ (former boss. He was OK. Liked me for some reason.)
    ENTJ (former boss, same company as the above. Didn't like him. Unhealthy ENTJ at its worst)
    INFP guy (pretty odd guy... The mind of a suicide bomber, goofy frame)
    ESFP (Danish guy. Engineer/detail welder)
    ESFP (Old friend. Also ship electrician)
    ESTP guy (daredevil snowboarder/skateboarder/bmx/snowmobile stunt guy)
    ESTP guy (electrician)
    ISTJ guy (pretty odd fellow... Small, scrawny, acts like a wimp... Can take anyone down)
    INTP guy (built like a brick. We call him "the cube". Strongest guy I ever met. Gamer)
    ENFJ guy (a really good friend of mine, pretty odd)
    ESFP guy (:facepalm: The guy in my class we blamed everything on, and we were usually right )
    ESTP guy (well... He likes sex, beer, alcohol, pills, general decadence and smuggled stuff)
    ISFP girl (well... hmm)
    ISTP guy (robot welder operator? don't know the name for it. Classmate.)
    ESFP girl
    ENTP guy (childhood friend)
    INTP girl
    INTx girl (pretty odd, but entertaining. I think she's into me or something.)
    ESTP guy (the worst person I know of)
    xNTP guy (always away thinking of stuff in his own private world. Really funny to talk to. Right now, he's "exploring his emotional side". )
    xxxx Pizza place
    INTP guy (probably the laziest guy I know)
    ENTP guy (pothead, pretty sharp mind though)
    ENTP old man (Father. Odd and brash. Kind of nice most of the time nowadays.)
    ISTP (sound technician and DJ weirdo)
    ISFJ girl (really strange person... kinda cat-like)
    INTJ guy (now my neighbor. Resembles Jabba the Hutt in many ways)
    IxTP guy (sleezebag.)
    IxTP guy (same as above. His company telphone.)
    ENTP guy (Tamil living in Sweden. Really cool. Former freedom fighter.)
    ESTP guy (electrician)
    INFP guy (electrician goofbag)
    ISTP guy (one of the best guitarists I know/know of. Too bad he can't sing as well as he thinks, and his english sucks. He is constantly tense like a violin string. Odd man.)
    xxxx Burger place
    ESFJ (dates chiropractor. We've got some history.)
    xNFJ girl (really cool. Odd sense of humor )
    INFJ (Irish fundamentalist)
    ESFP (Model body, model mind, model.)
    INFP girl (one of those "save the whales" people.)
    INTJ girl (pirate party activist)
    ISTP guy
    ISTP guy (classmate, electrician. Don't know what he does nowadays.)
    IxFP girl (the most neurotic person ever. She's like Ally McBeal)
    ISTJ guy (looks like a blind mole-rat, talks like a cartoon. Electrician, good at what he does)
    ENFJ guy (Best friend. BigSwede on here)
    ISFP girl (sister! )
    xxxx Pizza place
    INTx (sleezebag)
    ESTJ guy
    ENFP girl (cousin of my girlfriend... Knew her before I met my gf. Pretty odd person. Moves around like a gypsy)
    ESTP guy
    ISTJ guy (Neighbor and friend. Macabre sense of humor.)
    INFJ girl (Cat-like. Hit on her for a while. Not worth the trouble)
    ESFP guy (one of those harmless and funny persons that makes your day)
    INFP guy (good singer, guitarist, pianist, sound techie...)
    ExTP guy (former nazi intellectual. (!?) Pretty odd person.)
    ESTJ guy (former classmate)
    ESTx guy (former classmate)

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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    You must be bored.

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    ISFP (Cousin)
    ENFJ (Cousin)
    INxx (Neighbour)
    ENFP (Cousin)
    ENFP (Younger brother)
    ESFP (Cousin)
    ESTP (Dad)
    ISFP (Uncle)
    ESFP (Uncle)
    ISFJ (Uncle)
    ExxJ (receptionist at my dentist's office. Also a pal)
    ISFx (Uncle)
    ExFx (Estate agent)
    ESTJ (ex-colleague)
    ENTJ (Younger brother)
    INTJ (Dad's PA)
    ISFJ (Close friend)
    ExFx (Acquaintance)
    ENFJ (ex-colleague)
    ESFJ (ex-colleague)
    ExxJ (Neighbour)
    Ixxx (Optician)
    IxFx (ex-colleague)
    ENFJ (Primary school best-friend)
    ESTJ (Stepmom)
    ISTJ (Paternal grandpa)
    ISFJ (former live-in housekeeper)
    Exxx (Family friend)
    ESFJ (ex-colleague)
    xxFP (SPCA guy that helped me and pal pick out her new kitten)
    IxFP (Gardener)
    ENFP (Bro's friend)
    ISFP (Cousin)
    INFJ (Friend)
    ExFP (Friend)
    ENxx (my very close friend-cum-somehow-GF's ex-BF. He physically hurt her when they broke up. I keep meaning to go bash his kneecaps in one day)

    I had to stop at C. Too much work

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