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    Question some career questions

    so INTPness posted this thread in the NT forum:

    I am curious to see more answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by INTPness View Post
    I'm interested in knowing what actual NT members do for a living, if they are happy in that capacity, and what they would rather do (if applicable). Feel free to keep it as vague or detailed as you are comfortable with. And, certainly things like "currently unemployed", "housewife", "student", and "Mr. Mom" are acceptable. If there are a lot of responses, I may tally up the responses and report back with the results. Should be interesting. Here are my questions for those who are willing to participate.

    1. What is your type? (ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP)

    2. What one thing, as a child, did you MOST want to do/see yourself doing for a living when you got older?

    3. What is your current occupation?

    4. How happy are you in that occupation? (let's assign grades for those who want to keep their answers short; A=VERY happy, B=fairly happy, C=ehh, it's a job, D=not a happy camper when I'm at work, F=completely fed up)

    5. What one occupation/line of work do you currently wish you were in?

    6. What are the roadblocks that are keeping you from your most highly desired occupation? (i.e., requires too much people interaction, don't want to spend 3 more years in school, would require too much time away from family, I'm just plain lazy and haven't done it yet, etc.)

    1. ENFP
    2. Paleontologist
    3. 'Office weenie'. I work at a small manufacturer of medical equipment. I do a lot of hardware assembly, shipping/receiving, some calibration of shiny things, I get lunch, I make costumes for myself out of packing material.
    4. C. The commute sucks. I dont use my brain. I work with an ISTP and an INTP, who are awesome however. And an ENFJ who talks way too much.
    5. Considering Academia/Paleontology.
    6. Time in school. Inability to decide what is my most highly desired occupation.

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    1: enfp
    2: psychologist as a teenager and i think when i was younger i wanted to be an architect or an actress
    4:b would be happier if i made more
    5: well paid photographer, real estate developer, designer, business owner or art dealer..or...or...oh a house flipper...that would be fun...or...
    6: working on the photography bit
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