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    Quote Originally Posted by ZiL View Post
    I like to have a wide variety of acquaintances, because it is through other and varied people that I learn new things - points of view, ways to have fun, etc - best through other people. Social life is just one more way of exploring the world. I might seem sort fo flaky to some because I switch gears so much depending on who I'm with, but that's just a function of wanting to discover new ways of seeing first hand. My ways of interaction alter slightly, but my curiosity is the driving constant.

    I do, however, have a small group of very close friends, and they are like my comfort zone.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahNounBlah View Post
    I need a broad variety of freaks and normals hovering around the periphery, or else I get bored. But I need a select few mind mates to share every part of myself with, or else I get lonely.
    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    Like, there's this social event, a birthday actually and i could meet alot of people working in my field and yadi yada.
    But the issue is I'm extremely stubborn (and do not give a fuck about x's 85 or whatever bday I must admit) and since my parents have been trying to pressure me like 3 years old emotional little girls into going there I will say no on principles.

    meh, i can hear him whine from upstairs. I'm starting to think esfj would be a better fit to the pater familias better than estj. *yawns*

    Anyway, I hate these situations, because i basically have to say no on principle so people won't believe they can make me do things, and everytime they think i just 'don't want to because x' while it's just the judgmental 'do that' thingie, been like that since I was a kid to the point that I get this 'you never want to do anything', 'you don't like anything' all the time (I'm sooo blas about that). I like lots of stuff, they just don't get the message when i say that I don't like to do it with them (selective memory or something).

    I mean, i turned 23 and apparently they only claim me to be so intelligent and so on when I follow orders like a little soldier(sort of ironic, you'd think people learned from history or something), the rest of the time insulting me and getting my name wrong (yes, funny but true) seems the way to go.

    My point being that I'm way more social when there are no strings attached, I will for example loath family meetings and doubt my father'll see much of me once i'm done with my studies as respect is something one is supposed to deserve, and no, quoting the bible won't help .
    Anyway, what about you guys and your family lives and how it influences and constrasts with the rest of social life ?
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