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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    carl jung's idea about his typology was, that it is concerned with what is consciously going on IN people. he developed his understanding of the cognitive styles while talking to clients, not in observing their behavior. so basically, they told him how they see things, what they see, what guides them, how they feel about them, what opinions they have ....
    to what extent are our internal goings on affected by interaction with others, though? are we self-created, or do others shape us? where are the lines drawn with regard to internal/personal and external/social?

    were jung's clients purely expressing themselves, or interacting with him in some way?

    -is it possible to communicate something personal to another person without unconsciously interacting with their personality and thus changing the way we project our personal information?

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.."
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    cant reply to that. ("to what extent" .... big question ... )

    if i was forced by my family to act like an estp (i would not be capable of doing this, but for the sake of argument ... ) ... then i should probably secretly be aware of why i am trying to live up to that demand. - carl jung would ask the right questions (like "what are you afraid of?") and find out, that i am motivated by extroverted feeling to pretend that i am estp.

    (purely rhetorical/hypothetica)

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    I had myself typed by a test. If I tried to have typed by myself I would have thought I was a T.

    This mainly due to a lack of understanding of the system. I would have made a simple assumption that F's are ruled by emotions and T's by cold hard facts. I'm the queen of indifference and make decisions based on facts.

    But I'm really good at understanding others feelings and willing to take the not so smart path to please people. This makes me more a F.

    This is why it's important to have other people type you too. You act differently with other people around and may use a function that you don't use in your solitary life.

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