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Thread: A parting gift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    1. How much do I love this explanatory post? A LOT. I love having things explained. Thoroughly. This post makes me feel warm. My reactions to your spelling was, at first "hey...she spells it 'yeu'" and then, after more interaction, 'that's Kat's trademark' - it became a way to recognize something you'd said without seeing your name next to it.

    2. I agree with you re: language being an evolving thing. Also re: memorization. I have even been known to point out that one could theoretically teach a person with an IQ of 80-ish to memorize E=MC2, it wouldn't make them "smart". Memorization = smarts is something that has always irritated me, to put it mildly.


    In Vent, I have caught myself probably 10+ times either starting to spell it 'yeu' or seeing it that way in my head before I spell it and having to consciously spell it 'you'. This is entirely down to you because I don't know anyone else who spells it like that. I don't know why, but I am very prone to picking up things like spelling, pronunciation, little phrases etc. from other people. Put me in a room with someone for 10 days and I'm probably going to come out sounding a LOT more like them than when I went in. I don't mind this, I just find it interesting.
    It'd be a different case if you were locked in a room with someone you despised.

    I was looking forward to an explanation to yeu and whot, I thought it was an amusing test, or an 'up yours' to english.
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    ah, i missed this in October when you posted it. I like your Yue or Yeu, or well however you spell it.... It has become part of the Fi definition of Katsuni in my mind.

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    I'll admit it, it gets on my nerves. Sorta Fe related.

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