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  • Bonaparte

    10 20.83%
  • Jack

    3 6.25%
  • Pamela Anderson

    3 6.25%
  • Neufchatel

    3 6.25%
  • Ophelia

    11 22.92%
  • Bologna Wednesday

    6 12.50%
  • Other (say what you'd call her, and no, jackass, I'm not naming her "Other")

    12 25.00%
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Thread: Name my puppy

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    Wendy? If you call both dogs for dinner you get to say "Bo, Wendy.... dinner!" which is hick shorthand for Bologna Wednesday.

    Ophelia, and you can call her Opie for short. Bo and Opie. That works.

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    So, my puppy has officially been named.

    The little girl is now named Mrs. Mia Wallace.

    I... suppose. Yeah!

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