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    No clue.

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    The reality is that other people see me through their own eyes. And what they see is what they are.

    But as Wildcat says, I have a centre. Sometimes I move away from my centre and become a little lost but then I find my way back again.

    At the moment I am teaching myself to consciously move away from my centre and back again in a rhythmic way. So I have a formal exercise to practise. When I practise, I find it blows my mind.

    And when my mind is blown, I tend to retreat and recoup.

    But I think this is an indication of the potency of the practice.

    So I have something that is potent and blows my mind and I approach it very carefully as I would approach a large tiger. But eventually I will tame the tiger and have a tiger in my tank.

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    Are you curious about what other people think of you?
    Um, no not really. I don't think about it much.
    Do you care one way or the other? (Why or why not?)
    Yea, I do. I don't think about it, unless someone tells me what they think of me, or tells me what someone else thinks of me. Then I'm interested in exactly what they had to say. Why? I don't know, human nature I guess.
    Are their perceptions of you usually accurate?
    Well.. yes and no.
    People's perceptions are usually accurate based on their observations. Although people judge only on one or two times of meeting me(or anyone else) and of course there are many aspects to my personality, (just like anyone else.) So, they are accurate within the context, but not always wholly accurate. Sometimes they are quite accurate, but that is only after knowing me for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    Are you curious about what other people think of you?
    Yes, definitely.
    Do you care one way or the other? (Why or why not?)
    Well, yes. If they don't like me, they could make trouble for me. Don't want that. I'm sort of like Jennifer, except that instead of working to change others opinion of me, I just make a point to stay out of their way once I find out they have an opinion of me I consider unfavorable, thinking I'm doing them a favor... sometimes falsely.
    Are their perceptions of you usually accurate?
    Yes. They usually see me in a way that makes sense given their perspective, so it seems accurate enough most of the time.

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    Are you curious about what other people think of you?

    Do you care one way or the other? (Why or why not?)
    No, and I don't have a reason.

    Are their perceptions of you usually accurate?
    Their perceptions of me...:
    dark sense of humor
    thinks, that I think I'm superior
    never serious

    Are they accurate? 99% of the time; some girl in high school told me that I am an evil dark person with a cruel sense of humor. She recited her speech so passionately! I looked at her with a Cheshire cat grin, laughed, and walked away. I was so flattered

    I'm aware of my negative traits and I accept them for what they are. So I honestly couldn't give a rat's ass what people thought of me. Not everyone is going to like me and I don't expect them too.
    Between that cigarillo and sticking my finger down my throat to see if I could DT, I feel like puking RN.

    Read my Blog.

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    Are you curious about what other people think of you?
    I have a sense of how my things actually are and how it shows up. The target group whom I'm trying to reach are sensible people. For them, being sensible is enough, there's not much image making. Sometimes someone insignificant might mistake something about me, but it's no problem.

    I'm much more interested in what I can do with the people. Their opinion of me is interesting only in limited circumstances, like in applying for a job.

    Do you care one way or the other? (Why or why not?)
    I need to be seen well enough in order for me to work. It's less of a question of image and perception than it is a question of reality. In short, I don't care much. Still, part of what I think of as reality is an aspect of image as well, so in that manner, I do care.

    Are their perceptions of you usually accurate?
    My target group, the sensible people, do have accurate perception of me. The insignificant, and most of all - unintelligent - people have a different, inaccurate view, but it is of no consequence. If I need to make an image of myself, I make it. I know it well enough in advance so I won't suffer losses.

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    I think most people have flawed perceptions of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    It was always extremely important to me what other people thought of me. When someone misjudged me, it just devastated me, and I would expend large amounts of energy trying to correct their opinion... not a great way to live.

    I took it to mean eventually that my locus of identity was outside myself and that it wasn't healthy. So I changed that.

    No, their perceptions weren't usually as accurate as I had hoped. On occasion, studying their reasons, I did get a better idea of how I can come off to people who are not similar to me, and that helped me understand their reactions better and head off bad ones. But in general I only found some people who could understand me easily.

    Ironically that initial insecurity I think is why I try so hard to communicate myself to people. So it led to some skilled behavior that nowadays I can use to my advantage, but still, it was being driven by insecurities.

    Couldn't have said it better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    i don't think too much about it because i guess in person i always feel like i can tell.

    It's often the case Fe dominants think ill of me . And Ss in general, just think I'm crazy. Well...other Ns do too, come to think of it...

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    Are you curious about what other people think of you?

    Yes, very much so. Always have been and most probably always will be.

    Do you care one way or the other? (Why or why not?)

    It comes in waves, sometimes I do think about it more and sometimes very little at all. It depends on my mood. But I don't really care that much so that I would lose any sleep over it or get clinically depressed about it.

    I hate being misunderstood but usually I don't do much to make others perceive me in a way that is correct every time (I hope this makes any sense) This is not by any means intentional. I often find myself not finishing my sentences or fully word my thoughts and I assume that this causes so many misunderstandings that people don't really know what to think of me. But this is entirely my own fault because I don't go to great lenghts to correct people's opinion about me. 2X

    I seriously dislike pretending to be something that I am not. I certainly can't control what people think of me and all I can do is just be myself. I do "worry" about it that people falsely assume things based on trivial aspects and conclude something that simply is not true.

    But ultimately, I've always had the belief that if people can't accept me the way I am then it really is a loss for both parties.

    Are their perceptions of you usually accurate?

    I would guess not.

    Honestly, I have no way of knowing that unless people confront me straight up. It doesn't happen that often (or at all), I guess people don't really care or are way too polite to say anything. I can appreciate sincere honesty, it's the indifference that usually bothers me more. Sometimes it really does bring me down when I do encounter some people who treat me like I was the last leper on earth merely because they haven't bothered to get to know me.

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