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Thread: Time Travel

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    I hope this will be possible. If it were, I would travel into the future. Screw the past, I already know all I need to with history books. The future is where it's at.
    I think it's funny, everyone is going to want to go into the future, then humanity wouldn't move forward at all (we all want to see the future of humanity) because we all time traveled. Lol.
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    Time travel into the future is definitely possible via a tremendous increase in velocity. I'm still not exactly sure about time travel backward as I don't know enough about worm holes to describe how it could be done.

    My personal hypothesis about time travel is that it should be entirely possible, because I think time is something of an illusion based on our perceptions. It is really just a manifestation of how we perceive the 4th spacial dimension. However that doesn't really explain why time only seems to travel forward, so I don't really have a satisfactory answer for it yet.
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    I was thinking about Time Travel last week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gewitterdrache27
    To begin I will state my idea about Time Travel I came up with yesterday.

    Yesterday I was thinking about Black Holes, and how they make a puncture in the space-time continuum. Black Holes are created when: A) Two Neutron stars in a binary system orbit each other. Their gravity pulls on each other, making them spin around each other faster and closer until eventually, in a totally awesome combination of Inertia and Gravity, they bang together, producing a Short Gamma Ray Burst (4th most powerful explosion in the universe, releasing as much energy as the sun does in 100,000,000 years), and a Black Hole, or B) When a supermassive star begins to die, the elements within fuse into heavier elements due to hydrogen being gone. Soon the elements cannot be fused any more, and the fusion ceases. The remaining energy is released in a Long Gamma Ray Burst (2nd most powerful explosion in the universe, usually producing more energy than the sun will in its entire life), and the gravity quickly collapses it into a tiny point of a black hole.Now, one should know that that means that if you approach a Black Hole, time is bent as well as space. If you stay in a Black Hole's event horizon for a short time, a very long time will have passed on the outside world. This is a one-way trip, for going into the future.

    My idea was this: There is Antimatter in the universe. That is well known. Antimatter is like regular matter, but the Protons are Negatrons (Negatively Charged), and the Electrons are Positrons (Positively charged), inverse to regular matter. If there is Antimatter, could it be possible that somewhere there is an Antimatter Black Hole? If so, because Antimatter is the opposite of matter, what would happen to the Space-Time Continuum? I propose this: Instead of making a DENT in the Continuum like most matter does, Antimatter, having opposite properties, might make a BULGE in the Continuum. Near an Anti-Black Hole, there would be an UPWARD puncture in the Continuum instead of a DOWNWARD one. SO: Could you go back in time if you go to the Event Horizon of an Anti-Black Hole?

    My answer: No. You wouldn't go BACK in time, the property would be different: Instead of time moving more SLOWLY there, time would SPEED UP. What might seem like a Year at one point in an Anti-Black Hole's Horizon might be a couple seconds outside of it.
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