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    Bugsy was in grieving so he went for a walk. When he came back, Nikki's body was missing...

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    But then he forgot all about nikki now and decided to go back to life as a human called Gramlick. So Gramlick now looks like a normal human in the middle of new york city after teleporting from the hell humanator machine that gives makes you human again and sends you to a telephone box in new york. Gramlick then looked to the left, and found...

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    a bunny, which you know bunnies they're cool and all. Except this one thought it was a lion. The bunny turns to him goes "Hi I'm fluffers a strong and powerful lion," than he attempts to make a roar but it just sounds bunnish
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Gramlick picks up fluffers, the bunny, who attempts to bite him. Unperturbed and excited about being a human, Gramlick heads for the sky dome to practice his golf skills. On his way, he sees a pirate standing atop a yellow taxicab. As he approaches, fluffers leaps from his hand into the cab, grabs a small sachet of gold-dust and turns to Gramlick, "this is...

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