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    Calling her unattractive would be an understatement.

    Edit: Physically unattractive. Haven't really thought about her personality though she seems a bit too unstable and "weak" (outbursts) for my taste. Her voice is fine, I guess...

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    I like Susan Boyle and her voice. I loved to observe the excitement she created in the spring and I felt humbled after watching her audition. It reminded me of some things that are far more important than first impressions.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmileyMan View Post
    Calling her unattractive would be an understatement.
    I'm sorry you feel this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    I'm sorry you feel this way.
    We can't all be politically correct.

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    Her voice is quite impressive, to say the least.

    That said, pardon a quick tangent.

    When I hear of a talented person who finally gets their big break, it always has a double-edge to it IMO, especially in the American big-label business (I'd imagine British labels are similar, I know EMI has given their fair share of musicians a pain in the ass). On the one hand, you've achieved your dream, on the other hand, you're now the target of faceless organizations that seek only to drain you for every dollar you're worth, regardless of what it ends up doing to both you and your craft.

    You're also exposed to the extremes of human interest. You have the excessive fans, and you have the haters, while all the casual or moderate people fall out of your view.
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    I found the whole Susan Boyle story enchanting.
    I have always felt great joy when I see people achieve a dream.
    It's great.

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    Never heard of her. Thanks for sharing. I don't see why it matters what she looks like. She has a beautiful voice and I could listen to her all day.

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    I like her and I like her voice. Not necessarily my style of music to listen to for fun, but I do think she's talented.

    Hate the hype surrounding her, and hate the moniker "SuBo."
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    Susan boyle has talent. I pretty much got the same feeling with her as I got with Paul Potts. She deserves what she deserves I guess.
    Don't like her type of music though.

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    I think she has a good voice. But she FAR from proves that talent is more important than image. Rather, the entire reason she is famous and perhaps successful is because of her looks. The fact that she is unattractive made her a novelty. Right or wrong, we aren't used to seeing ugly people singing well on an international stage. If she were pretty, she'd be just another anonymous pretty girl who can sing.
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    EffM... I sadly agree with you that I think she is big news because she is not the most attractive.... She'd have still got through the competion is she had been bonny, but the hoooha would have been much quieter...

    I suspect she will get progressively more styled as her career continues - which may be loosing her edge right now.

    Music business: yes it is a paracite, yes it is controlling, but let's face it there are '000 of starving artists, the upside of being exploited is that you get to live a life with a decent financial return, which most artists can't do themselves... Not saying it's right, but the world doesn't value unremarkable talent.

    Susan was unemployed and has learning difficulties so her expected income if she hadn't gone on the show would be relatively small. So either way this fame will change her lifestyle in an unimaginable way. From what I can seen of the audition is that she really don't know she was going to get through, and certainly wouldn't have expected to wake up with the world media parked outside her house taking photos.

    She has an amazing voice but her music wouldn't be to everyones tastes by far as you would expect. I'd expect a fair few songs that challenge the status quo - the Mick Jagger cover and the likes...

    I found her story very moving because she realyl has come from near to nothing....

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