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    Somewhere between Jackson and Monticello GA. on a Georgia Power transmission line right-of-way, in a swamp. My crew and I were listening to the radio and trying to cool down, when they interrupted the regular broadcast.

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    I was at school. Senior year in high school.

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    A couple nights before it happened, I had a dream that I was playing SimEarth on the computer in a blank white room, and that I had been interrupted by a video message from some Islamic guy saying something about the "Evil World Center" and wanting to blow it up, asking me if it was a good idea. I was in a hurry to get to back to the simulation because I was trying to correct an imbalance, so I just said, "Yeah, yeah, if it's evil, destroy it," and hurried back to focusing on my simulation.

    Then, I woke up that morning on the couch, started playing a text-based game called "Equinox," and wasn't paying attention to the news. I saw the airliner and buildings in the background and thought to myself, "Oh, another crazy guy suicide bombing something in the Middle East? Old news." My mother got all freaked out about the situation, and tried to get me to watch. When I heard that it was the "World Trade Center" in New York, I remembered the dream, and thought "Oh, shit."

    After that, I went back to playing that online game, and everyone in the chat room wanted to talk about it, while I was disinterested and wanted to change the subject. Eventually I gave up and just started playing with SNES and NES ROMs, while trying to tune out my mother and grandmother freaking out.

    I kept telling them, "Look, the East Coast is thousands of miles away. It might as well be another country. There's no point in being alarmed. The worst thing that could happen is that they'll drop a bomb on our heads, and if that happens we won't have to worry anyway, because we'll be dead. There's nothing we can do about it, it's out of our hands. There's no point in worrying about something you can't control. Let the military handle it, that's what they're paid and equipped for."

    After a couple of days of me making sarcastic and ironic comments about the media and my mother obsessing over the event, my mother got bored with it as well, and started obsessing over something else in the news. There hadn't been any deviation from the normal pattern we follow when a major news event happens. My mom always goes, "This is big! This is big!" and I go, "No, it's not. It's small in the grand scheme of things." This time, it just so happened that more people agreed with my mother...

    Yeah, I'd say it's pretty obvious that I hadn't developed a lot of Fe yet...
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    I remember what I was doing in an almost eerie level of detail. I was fourteen at the time, and as most fourteen-year-olds, I lived at home with my parents.
    It's kind of strange, but I even remember what clothes I was wearing. A blue polo shirt, black jeans and black socks.
    I even remember that I didn't have any pimples that day, so I felt pretty good about my looks.
    It was kind of warm inside the house, and there was some kind of tension in the air that one could almost touch... Didn't think much of it.
    There's this game that I used to play a lot, and it's still one of my top ten favorites... Thief: the dark project.
    I was playing this level of the game, Ramirez's Mansion (which by the way is one of the most original game levels ever).
    I had just started the level, sneaked across the courtyard knocking out a guard in order to get into the mansion when my father starts yelling from the living room.
    Of course I paused the game and ran there as quickly as I could. I can even remember the feeling of my feet against the floor through those thin black socks.
    I don't think I have seen the old guy stare at something in disbelief just as much at any point before or after 9/11. His eyes literally stood out!
    When I came in, I saw the World Trade Center with a huge burning hole in the top half of one of the towers.
    There were endless replays. Just a short while later, experts were called to the news studio, and the speculation began.
    Then suddenly, another plane crashes into the buildings, and the newsmen almost panicked.
    My father actually guessed that it was Al-Quaida before they mentioned it, since he had read about the embassy bombing and the previous World Trade Center bombing.
    After we saw all the horrors and the towers falling, it's all kind of a blur of replays and speculation as to who was responsible.

    Horrible day.

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    Was in 6th grade, was at my usual volleyball practise and doing some webpage building&planning, didn't even heard of it before the next day at school. I don't remember much, strangely. It felt surreal.

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    I was on a bus when I found out about it, and my ex husband phoned me on my mobile to tell me to get to a TV now, when I asked what channel he said it didn't matter, but to just get to a TV now. He was very hyped up and pushy, I had every intention of just ignoring him, but when I got to my appointment everyone (including my doctor) were just standing staring at the TV, which is when I saw it.

    It was a pretty shocking moment, even though I don't live over the waters, it was still upsetting.

    Even more upsetting part was being forced to watch re-run after re-run of people jumping to certain death to avoid certain death, later on that evening, at the party my in laws held to celebrate it.
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    I was at work in a small start up organisation - it was mid afternoon and I was having a huge row with my boss outside... Can't remeber what that was about, when we came in Tom one of the team hailed us to look at his computer internet link (we didn't have a TV)... And there was a news alert. They became more regularl.. Eventually went home and called my Bro who had been home ill, he had been in tears since it all started happening, and continuted to be for days.

    Public transport is really eerily silent when huge catastrophies happen....

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    College. I don't remember if classes were canceled, or if most of the academy kids decided to just skip. My friend and I watched anime in her dorm room the rest of the day.

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    I was in my sophomore year of HS. I was sitting in Mrs. Coburn's AP/IB European History class. There was a brief announcement over the PA system, and we turned on the TV in class to CNN.
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    I was in a toy store and my mother bought me a robot kitty (because I was begging for a cat for such a long time and my mother felt sorry for me).
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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