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    Quote Originally Posted by metaphours View Post
    I'm something of a psychonaut, and I've been thinking about how it would be to experiment with altered/different states of mind/being, haha. I know it sounds kind of stupid/a generic contemporary teenager thing to do, but me and my friend kind of wanted to try purple drank, just to see what it would be like. I've also wanted to try Benadryl, although I've heard that can kind of end disastrously (one guy told me an army of spiders marched into his bedroom and carried him away LOL).

    So all this experimentation got me thinking... What were your guys' drug experiences like, if any?

    I'm interested in people's answers, because I recently discovered astral projection and I've heard some drugs have the capability of bringing on such effects, which I'd really like to experiment with.
    benadryl? lol...

    I've only done alcohol, weed, and salvia... but some people seem to assume I've tried speed and meth and all kinda shit. I want to try magic mushrooms and maybe some dmt, ayahuasca preferably.

    oh and salvia shouldn't be underestimated, I thought it was harmless then the next thing I knew I was fkin retarded out of control of my body and drooling on myself... but it wore off in a few minutes luckily.

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    Regarding benadryl... well, there's a reason most people don't use it recreationally. Deleriants in general aren't that great.

    Salvia is definitely not to be taken lightly in any sense. It is an extremely powerful psychedelic/dissociative that I compare in subjective intensity to the likes of DMT. I personally don't like it - something about the nature of the salvia experience is inherently sinister and malevolent. I don't have a loving relationship with it like I do with other psychedelics like mushrooms, LSD or DMT.

    No psychoactive is "harmless", and particularly not psychedelics - the psychedelic experience is vastly more intense and overwhelming than you could ever possibly imagine without trying it. People often have no idea what the hell they're getting into. This is especially well illustrated by salvia, which, in addition to having one of the least welcoming/pleasant psychedelic effect profiles out there, is also plagued by the fact that very few people who try it actually know what they're doing and are properly informed. The vast majority are people who have heard about it, that it's a legal drug, and leapt right in with 40x or something absurd like that. They usually come out of the experience disturbed and with their tails between their legs. Salvia is a beast and you have to treat it like one.
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