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    Quote Originally Posted by The Decline View Post
    Who knew that the holy bible was a viable mycological growth medium?
    haha, works for me!

    And I'm a Christian!

    Quote Originally Posted by phoenity View Post

    I like to think of psychedelics as opening up doors of perception.

    Experiencing this infinite openness of mind has transferred over into sober state of mind.
    Definitely. I'm glad another sensor has decided to point this out. I think we definitely are underestimated for our desire to have our perceptions expanded.

    Kudos to you, sir.
    -stellar renegade
    coo-oo-ooool this madness down,
    stop it right on tiiiiime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    Eh, I'm not particularly interested in that kind of insight.

    It's not the same for every person, anyway... I was just curious as to whether what some people experience when high is similar to what other people experience when sober. Basically, whether drugs cause people to use shadow functions, switch to a different part of their brain or something. I'm not particularly interested in "the power of the experience," and all that stuff.
    It's actually very interesting you say that.

    I've pondered this while high many times, trying to understand what I was experiencing. But I really only experience it as a feeling, so it's difficult to describe to myself, much less word for others.

    Psychedelic substances put me into a deeply introspective mindset. It puts me in my head, a place I am not normally functioning from.

    This seems to be where my Ni+Fe functions are at home. This is why I refer to my tert and inferior functions as "subconscious", because they only seem to work for me when introspecting, rather than in the moment.

    Anyway, what happens is that Ni+Fe become very active. I become very intuitive about how people are feeling.

    It's like an internal Spidey sense that becomes very strong. It's a presence I can tell is there when sober, but I can choose for Ti+Se to rationalize it away when sober.

    When I'm high, I can't make it go away. I sense people's feelings through their actions, words, body language as if I was looking right through them, as if their feelings were more obvious to me than to themselves.

    It can be a hellish place to be at times and cause anxiety and paranoid thoughts if I allow it to overwhelm me. Even though I'm strongly sensing how people are feeling, I don't feel like there is anything I can do about it.

    I can be very emotional when high. They aren't my own emotions, but I seem to feed off and perceive others' emotional energy very intensely.

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