I flip a switch in my head and go into 'party mode'. Since I relax during the evening, I will get more and more energized by talking to people and I'll usually be one of the last people standing. This is all hinging on whether or not it's a good party, but it's very, very seldom I manage not to have fun. If nothing else, there is always 'make others happy', 'baffle them', 'make them feel special' and other varieties of strategies to try. This sounds a lot more cynical than it is. In reality it's just to draw people out of their shells and have a good time myself. Obviously it's much more fun to party with people who are capable of supplying their own side of the conversation, than those who take work. I hate frantically scrabbling for some appropriate topic to introduce in the conversation.

Okay, I'll stop rambling. I'm not sure if I think the rule is valid or not. I thought Economica's example was excellent:

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Case in point: My brother (an INTJ) and I recently attended a party with our SOs (both ENFPs). We were there for five hours, all socializing about equally, and afterwards the Es were in fact energized whereas the Is were drained. The ENFPs stayed up talking to each other for several hours after my brother and I had taken to our beds.
Yet I can't seem to decide.

Who doesn't love tangential rambling posts?