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    Sorry to necro a thread that's been dead for so long, but I just had one of the most vivid dreams I can remember.

    I was, for some reason, spending time in the middle east. It seemed like Israel. There was a girl named Aryana who was there do grad studies of some sort who I had been spending some time with. She was blonde, about 5'8" and a show stopper. The local contact for our group was Aryana's aunt who I don't remember the name of. Her aunt was younger than you would expect, late 30's early 40's, and looked a lot like Aryana. She was was their in some sort of diplomatic capacity. I remember being asked to stop by Aryana's place to pick something up for her, as she was indisposed on a project close to the wall on the west bank. Her place was small but cozy. I remember liking it. I also remember seeing a University of Florida hat on her wall that was the same as one I had had when I was in college there. They change up the hat designs every so often (depending on the hat) and this one meant that she had been at UF at the same time I was. After I had retrieved whatever it was, I think it may have been a DSLR camera and some electronic binoculars with a range finding function, I drove towards the apartment building she was at close to the wall. Incidentally her aunt had a place in this very same apartment building.

    As I drove up I remember seeing Aryana posted up on top of the parking garage attached to the building taking notes on a note pad. The top of the parking garage was about 5 stories up the 10 story apt building. I got a weird feeling as I drove up to the place, but didn't make too much of it. I went up the stairway and gave the camera and binoculars to Aryana. We talked for a minute and she let me have a look through the bino's and I remember seeing some strange activity be the wall. After I had talked with her I went back to the stairway and walked down a couple flights to go pay her aunt a visit. I got to her aunt's place and visited with her for a little while. She was really nice and made some tea while I was there with her. I think we also talked about her niece a little bit. I had a hard time concealing my attraction to Aryana during the conversation, and her aunt wasn't was very observant, not one to be misled by my words. Eventually I left, and as I was getting close to the bottom floor of the stairway I heard and explosion. Gunfire quickly followed.

    I started running down the stairs quick as I could to get to the bottom and see what was going on. As I burst out of the door at the bottom of the stairwell, there were two Israeli soldiers approaching the car parked next to the one I had driven there with guns drawn. As they warily approached the car I could tell that there was an Arabic looking man in the drivers seat. When they got to side of the car, one of the soldiers shot the driver in the head with his assault rifle. They turned around and saw me gawking by the open door of the stairway. As the one who had shot the driver began to lift his rifle I put my hands in the air, said that I was an American and spun around to show them that I didn't have and weapons. Before they could make any further decisions, I slipped back into the stairway and began running up as fast as I could.

    The adrenaline was pumping so hard it felt like my head was in a fish bowl, as I bounded up the stairs 3 at a time. I stopped at the third floor to check on Aryana's aunt. She apparently didn't need checking on however. When I came to her room the door had been kicked in, but there stood Aryana's aunt with a dead man at her feet and a USP compact .40 in her hand.

    I began to ask a question, but she said there was no time. She told me there was another American family higher up in the building that she had to go make sure was ok. I asked about her niece, and she grabbed me by the shoulder and said that I had to get her off the roof of the parking garage and make sure she was ok. I could tell that Aryana's aunt was frightened for her niece's safety, but something was forcing her to go check on this other family otherwise she would have gone after her niece herself. There was a HK G3A4 leaning up against the wall, and she handed it to me with some spare loaded magazines.

    I checked the chamber to make sure it was loaded, flipped it off safe to semi auto and ran out the kicked in door towards the stairwell. The gunfire had continued while I was checking on Aryana's aunt and the adrenaline was still pumping. I hit the stairs 3 at time, and was quickly on the 5th floor where I could get to the roof of the parking garage.

    I opened the door with my right hand, and the rifle in my left (I'm left handed) so as not to be caught unawares by someone who was already on the roof of the garage. Aryana caught my eye first, she was sprawled on the ground next to a car with the camera strap around her right hand. It looked like she had been hit. The gunfire coming from the top of the garage where I was standing drew my attention next. There were two men with shemaghs wrapped around their faces firing belt fed PKM's at the square below where firing was being returned by Israeli troops. I leveled the rifle and put two rounds center mass on each machine gunner, and bolted towards Aryana. I slid up beside her. It looked like she had been hit bad, I started to cry, then her eyes opened and she smiled. Then I woke up.
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    sometimes, i generally forget them shortly after i wake up though. i'll go through periods where i'll remember them more often than usual. but even when i do, it's never that detailed. like i could never ever remember as much as discobiscuit just posted. just a vague idea of what happened and people that were in it.

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    The only way I'll remember them is if I focus on it quite heavily for awhile the moment after I awake. For the most part, my dreams suck and my subconscious is a bore. Most of my dreams consist of fairly mundane and practical occurrences.

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