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Several years ago a friend of mine died. It was sudden and unexpected - the result of a heart defect that no one was aware of until afterwards. I took a very quiet, contemplative approach to the news. I don't recall my father's exact wording in response to my reaction, but it went something like:

"... you don't even give a crap that your friend died? You're a totally self-absorbed little s***."

I have never raged that hard before or since. That sensation of blood boiling and skin searing. Hate, anger. Only that I was already in shock and that he was my father kept me from leaping over and attacking him.
I'm sorry ....I hate when people shove their expectations of how one should grieve onto others.

Numerous times my xSFJ family members accused me of being "cold" simply because I am not alway emotionally demonstrative as they are. Come to think of it, that's one of the worst insults I've gotten. :steam: