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    Default One-Liners Based On Type

    I'm planning on creating a series of T-shirts based on the different MBTI types, and I need to make some one-liners that define each. I prefer to hear ones about your own type's general outlook, but if you have a good one about any of the others, I'm open to those, too.

    A few examples copy-pasted (and modified somewhat) from one of my other posts:

    "INFJ: My lack of facial expression hides the fact that I could not care less."

    "INFJ: I live in my own world because your world SUCKS. But give it time, and I'm sure I could conquer yours, too."

    The idea is to make something that can be worn in public, so let's try to avoid bad language and comments against race, religion, and other sensitive topics wherever possible.

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