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    -When someone tells me about something at the last moment so that I don't have time to get emotionally and physically ready. This is something my parents do all the time, even though it often leads to delays.

    -When someone puts words in my mouth or thoughts in my head that aren't really there. It's as if I'm being told that I'm not myself but the person you think I am.

    -Rude, inconsiderate behavior. Raucousness, flagrant vulgarity.

    -Groupthink, blind conformism; someone acting a certain way just to win popularity.
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    Geez, I think everyone is describing things they hate, not are just annoyed about.

    I have lots of things that I hate or even drive me crazy, but just a few on the lesser "annoyance" level:

    1) people asking questions about things that are about to be explained in one minute
    2) visible thongs
    3) check-out lines with 300 different rules printed on various sheets of paper posted everywhere in different fonts
    4) people who act like they're running from a fire constantly
    5) watching picky eaters eat (and poke at the food and move things around and taste each individual ingredient separately to test for edibleness)
    6) people who use a single word as a catch-all insult, for example, "lame"
    7) teachers propogating the myth that the ordinary person only uses 10% of his brain
    8) strangers pointing out to you that they think you've done something unlucky (open an umbrella, walk under a ladder, etc.) like it's a public service of some sort
    9) misuse of the expression "moot point" in order to try and control a conversation
    10) being told to "get a number" for service when I'm the only customer there
    11) chalkboards
    12) relatives telling me I look so skinny now 'cause apparently I was a fat cow 2 weeks ago
    13) commercials that tell me to ask my doctor about a drug but don't explain what the drug is for
    14) unnecessarily complicated coupon systems

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    The phrase "...and with the way the economy is...".

    Slurping noises when someone eats soup, and that squeaky sound when some people eat. Oh jeez, it's unbearable.

    And lateness. Oohhhhhh, lateness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post

    1. People who hog the conversation.
    YES! and never stop to prompt you to say something. what am i supposed to do? just start talking about myself????

    2. People who dwell on unnecessary details eg dates. ("So I went down the street last Friday night to get some milk and saw this guy who was... no wait I think it was Thursday, because the cornerstore shuts early on a Friday...or was it Saturday? It's open late on a Saturday so it might've been then. No no, I went out to bingo on Saturday night so it can't have been Saturday. So I guess it was Thursday night. Yeah that's right, I remember I had an extra bowl of cereal on Friday morning because I had lots of milk in the fridge. Anyway I went down the street last Thursday and saw this guy...")
    haha. i do this sometimes. not just with the day though, i can do it about some other dumb thing, like place or something. context is important for some reason.


    -when you say something your in-laws don't get because they're both s's and they change the subject as if you never spoke.

    -line cutters

    -wait staff who try to take your plate while you're still eating

    -when you try to buy a raft at wal-mart in early august but they don't carry it anymore because it's 'out of season' and they're stocking winter stuff.

    -neighbors' bright-ass lights at night

    -barking dogs

    -weak coffee

    -running out of creamer

    -not being able to speak to a person who has some fucking leverage at centurytel or some other huge company, like insurance, etc., and continually getting transferred and having to tell your story all over again

    -jehovah's witnesses coming to my door
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    -Awkward silences with people you just met

    -Trying to say something, but someone comes in at the same time.

    -Whore-ish people who enjoy flaunting their stuff just because they feel they "can".

    -Men who are stupid enough to fall for the above.

    -When you say "I love you", and the other changes the subject.

    There are plenty more, but those get me the most hehe
    So he said to me "I love you, just not the way you want me to." I hit him, because he lied to me.

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    Loud noises
    Bright/flashing lights/colors
    Cigarette smoke
    Attempted flirting at the gym (go away)
    Attempted flirting on campus (seriously, go away)
    Inability to see the big picture
    Lack of critical thinking skills
    Lies that affect me directly
    Wasting my time/resources

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    People who restrict my freedom
    People who tell me what to do
    People who smell bad
    Men who are overly 'macho' or show offy
    Any guy who thinks they can get with me, just because of their level of status/whatever
    People who lie to me
    People who try to cheat me/manipulate me (never works, I manipulate them back)
    Teenage guys
    People who think they are better than me/try to prove they are (FAIL)
    Really hot weather


    People who make lists of what annoys them. Fastidious jerks.

    [ADD] wasting my time and/or boring me. Do. Not. Ever. Bore. Me.
    Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

    Always reserve the right to become smarter at a future point in time, for only a fool limits themselves to all they knew in the past. -Alex

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    Some other things that annoy me:
    • Girls who have an extreme level of prudishness
    • Girls who have an extreme level of sluttiness
    • People who have no depth/contribute nothing to the people around them
    • When people use other people just as a "shrink" (or people who use others in general)
    • Blatant hypocrites (being a hypocrite is okay, as long as you can hide it )
    • Girls who are teases/flirts and get you to like them but then when you tell them how you feel about them, they call you a "perv," and proceed to tell everyone at school about what happened, albeit with the truth disproportionately stretched
    • Macho guys (which happens to be about 90% of guys)
    • Herd mentality/People who are overtly conformist or do things just to fit in with people
    • People who are histrionic and do outrageous/immature things just to get people's attention
    • People who drive hummers
    • People who talk and talk and talk and talk, and never bother to let me or someone else add to the conversation
    • Extroverts who think "something's wrong" with me (and other introverts for that matter), just become I'm not extroverted/talkative enough
    • People who never shut the hell up about professional sports
    • People who assume I'm good at basketball just because I'm half-black (or people who are ignorant enough to believe stereotypes in general)

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    15) Use of the word "literally" to mean "figuratively" (just saw an example of this on Miss Marple)

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