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Thread: Good Excuses

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    Default Good Excuses

    Quick - help me think of some!!!


    No, but really - what are some good excuses?


    Being late?
    Forgetting an important date?
    Not going to an event?

    Some excuses:

    My alarm didn't go off
    The train was delayed
    There was an accident on the freeway
    My planner got stolen
    I mixed up your birthday with that other fabulous gorgeous...person...
    I made plans with my sibling [who you've never met before because I don't have one]
    I have an HOA meeting that night
    I have to take my car in to the shop
    Birthday parties trigger traumatic memories in me
    I'm boycotting that establishment

    And yes, I know [sometimes for some people] 'I don't want to' is a good enough reason but let's get creative here, people!
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    Being late? My Grandmother died.
    Forgetting an important date? My Grandmother died.
    Not going to an event? My Grandmother died.
    Etc. My Grandmother died.

    Throughout the course of my life, my grandmother has died about 147 times.

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    Being late? Presumably they have met me. I'm rarely right on time to anything.

    Forgetting an important date? If it's a birthday or something, it's usually because a) I wasn't really clear about what day it actually was, or b) I didn't look at the calendar. I just apologize and wish them a happy birthday.

    Not going to an event? "I have plans, sorry!" or "Yeah, I heard that was going to be fun. Not really my kind of thing, though." I'm usually just honest--if I don't like Coldplay, I'm not going to a Coldplay concert with you unless you have allowed me to drag you to a concert that wasn't your thing, either.

    I don't see a reason to make up excuses. Tell the truth or just say you're sorry, but you can't go. If you come up with some lie everytime, chances are you'll be found out (I've caught friends in lies a bunch of times, and I'd always rather they'd just been honest with me), and you'll ruin your credibility.
    Something Witty

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Being late?
    Next time, we should make plans during the day, so I can utilize my sundial, otherwise, buy me a watch? Rolex, or it might stop working at inopportune moments and then your gift would be all for naught.

    Forgetting an important date?
    I was following the Mayan Calendar as the Gregorian calendar is man-biased, and I'm always about championing for the ladies.

    Not going to an event?
    I was waiting for the reviews to come out, before deciding if I should waste my time going to it.

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    Random excuses:

    The date on my watch was wrong. It's one of those watches which assumes every month has 31 days. So it was off. I usually remember to reset it but I guess I forgot this time.

    I had to talk a friend down from suicide / He broke up with his g/f and was really drunk.

    My car-battery died / so I had to get a jump-start off my neighbour / I think I mustnt have shut the door properly so the interior light was on all night / I didnt notice it because it was still light outside when I parked.

    I ran over a cat on my way here / so I had to knock on the doors of all the houses on the street to find out whose cat it was and tell them it was dead / nobody knew whose cat it was so I left it on the side of the road.

    You only give them as much as they need to hear. If you rush out a long story about why you're late it can sound pretty fake. The above excuses are divided into segments accordingly.

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    i'm late, deal with it

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    There's always one.

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    I just didn't give a shit.

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    +1. Jive.

    My car wouldn't start/got a flat tire and I didn't know what was wrong, but thankfully someone helped me out!

    I got really sick on the food I ate last night while out with my parents...

    So, I just found out that you can D/L FF7 onto your PS3 for 10 bucks...

    ...What?! .. Ghostbuster/Transformers/Anime marathon was on last night!!
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    Being late? I got in an accident.
    Forgetting an important date? Because you're an ugly-ass bitch and I only said I'd date you because I felt sorry.
    Not going to an event? Because I didn't want to go.

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