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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    That reminds me, I noticed a typo in one of your posts a while back. I forget which one now.
    Let's just assume I was drunk. Drunk typos are legit imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blank View Post
    I'm a grammar nazi.

    I'm also an INTP, so I strive for utmost clarity. It's like OCD. If you say good instead of well, and I'm paying attention, chances are, I WILL correct you. It has nothing to do with trying to be pretentious, or having too much time on my hands (which is kind of irrelevant anyway.) It's a personal pet peeve and I will make judgments on your intelligence level based on the way you type. The forum has a built-in spell-checker, just look up once in a while. Certain grammar points I can forgive (lie vs. lay - I know the difference!) but a lot of things just irk me about misspellings or typos.
    I will notice, but only correct if I know you give a damn about being correct and won't get all huffy about it, and if it's worth correction (obvious typos on a forum are not, imho). Some of us prefer to receive correction. Otherwise, I just note it in the files. I won't think "omg what an idiot!", but I will consider that the person doesn't know better because s/he is less well-read/ educated or just lacks the eye for such things. It is fine to say "as long as you can understand it," but you should keep in mind that what people understand about your standpoint is not limited to the content of what you write. Style and accuracy are read, too, and matter.
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    the reason we have very precise rules about things like spelling and grammar is for the sake of consistency when important things like technical specifications, books, advertisements, etc are written.

    i know many people find errors irritating, but these people should acknowledge that such a level of precision is not necessary to efficient written communication, and it is actually ironic for them to mock other people for seeming unintelligent for making errors... if anything, they have wasted slightly less time on something completely meaningless to casual or even most professional communication.

    if you can correct someone's mistake, then you could already tell what it was supposed to say and the intended purpose is satisfied. keep in mind i am talking about the average typos and grammar errors... there is a point where it impedes the reader's ability to understand and at that point it is a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    How many posters in this thread reread their post an unusual number of times to make sure it was clear of typos?
    I do. I first read them several times in the text box. Then at the "Preview Post" page, and then one more time after I've posted them. And whenever I stumble upon them, I reread them again.

    That's a whole lot of 'them'.

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    Yeah, I get more annoyed with the spelling errors, but the grammar ones can bother me too. Not that much though, but they bother me a little. Like someone said earlier, guess it's not uncommon for an ISTJ.

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