I do this weird thing where I treat every thought I have like a problem to solve. I'll sit there and mull it over my head until I "solve" it, but sometimes another thought/"problem" will pop up and I'll set it aside until I finish the problem at hand and move to the next. It's the weirdest thing (although I didn't realize it was that weird up until a few years ago). For instance... Say I'm trying to fit in all the things I need to do this next week into a tentative schedule, and all of a sudden while I'm trying to figure that out, I'm reminded I need to figure out when I should meet up my friend Cara who I told I'd go visit like... 3 weeks ago. I'll just tag it as "Cara" like a thought-version of a sticky note and go back to figuring out what I need to get done this week.

Similarly, I'm an intensely curious individual and always have questions for people, but I'll store questions away until it's appropriate to ask. Like if I'm dating a new guy, and he mentions something about an ex that makes me curious. But I won't ask my question until, say, months later when he brings up something along the same lines. I hate asking my questions when it seems like out of no where or too forward. Thankfully I'm semi-patient, and would rather wait till it's appropriate to get an answer than just to know -right now.-

I remember a lot of events/experiences according to the food. When I think of "football season," I'm instantly reminded of the awesome nachos + jalapenos I had at my first UTexas game. When someone talks about a city or a particular area, I'll be like... "Oh, there's a restaurant there that has kick ass roasted artichokes."