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    Worst that come into my mind are ESFx-INTP, ESFJ-ENTJ and ISXJ-ENTP, and I've thought about those kinds of dynamics the most.

    Best? Huh, how much I embrace the negative thought. I'm not that sure about the positives. ENFP-ESFP, ENTJ-INTJ, ENTP-INFP.

    Just my first thoughts, even though I've thought about all those dynamics previously, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    a) Which two types clash the most? Which two types would least likely develop a friendly and healthy friendship/relationship? INFP and ENTP.
    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    really? INFP +ENTP make great friends and even better idea infp buddy and i get together and have a GREAT time talking about starting up businesses and the future and stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    I get along just fine with ENTPs on the surface, but when you get deeper than friendship there are a lot of problems. By that I meant ENTP/INFP relationships. Friendships are fine.
    I don't know. I totally dig INFPs so much. It's hard for me when they are in an extremely bitter at the world phase, but other than that, it's like yin and yang.

    I get along well with all types but prefer to spend less time with female ENFPs and male ISTPs.

    But actually, after learning about MBTI, I am finding a new found appreciation for female ENFPs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LotsOfHeart View Post
    Careful there buddy. My Dad is an ENTJ and my Stepmom is an ESFJ . Haha, just for the record, no harm done at all. I do think that sometimes they get on each other's nerves. For example, one time at the airport, our seats were at the very back of the plane. Once my Stepmom found out about this, she freaked out big time, saying, "BUT IT WILL BE SO NOISY!" and started running around looking for a flight attendent or any employee to ask about how we could possibly change the seating arrangement.
    Lmao. I wish i had those kind of balls.

    I am not to sure as to the best and worst types. I suppose i will spend a lifetime figuring it out.
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    ENFJs and ESTPs supposedly clash a lot.
    A hero is someone who does the right thing without expectation of reward, just because it's the right thing to do.

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