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    Default Insurance company ripping me off?

    So last year I was involved in a car accident, when my friend hit into another car, at the time I did not realize the painful injuries I suffered until a week later when I started getting pains in my neck, shoulders, arms, and lower back, I could not get up in the morning. So I decided to pursue a claim, this was my 4th accident claim in 5 years.

    1st time I was paid out: 1700
    2nd time I was paid out: 6530
    3rd time I was paid out:2200
    4th time I was paid out: 560 (medical examiner said I was exaggerating my injuries)

    And now this time I have only received an offer for: 5400

    I am being ripped off that is way to low, I have anxiety and terrified of getting into a car, I am depressed and now I am even more depress over the very low offer, as I suffered so much pain, due to the fact that it also effected previous injuries.

    I spoke to my solicitor, he said I should accept this offer, but if I don't then we will have to take it to court, and looking at my past history, and being so injury prone, I would not be in a good position.

    Has anyone had experience of going to court for such a claim, and also just say for example your memory is slightly off or you mistakenly say something which might not be completely true, would that be seen as contempt? or just a minor issue?

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    That sucks. I don't have any experience with insurance claims and not a lot either with tort law but you may want to seek the opinion of another lawyer. Preferably one who specializes in tort, of course, and collecting insurance claims.
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