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Yes I would write it, I would make myself a god and have everyone worship me.
Not my style. I doubt it's even possible.

I considered it, and you know I did.

I'm not stupid. I would not write bad things. It would reflect badly on me for a start. On the contrary, it behooves me to write a glowing account of events.

The one thing that makes me seriously consider it more than anything is people still see my face and think the worst of me. Not a lot can hurt me, but that hurts. Don't think of trying to use it against me--it will not work.

I would like to bring some new perspective to this and other issues and possibly change attitudes for the better. I believe it would take effort, but is doable to some extent. I believe I am uniquely positioned to write such a book because I am not a politician. I can tell it like it is.

Contrary to what people might think I am not an arrogant egotistical monster. I joke about it but I am quite humble and under no illusion as to the roll I played. I was a small cog in a giant machine, and I would put my role into perspective. The raw material was already there. I just stepped in at the right time with a few well timed ideas.