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    No, I do not.

    Nothing will be accomplished if you don't bring yourself to do it.

    If I have a problem, I deal with it myself.

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    I talk to God.

    I even like to think that my life is a sitcom for him, one that is actually funny.

    I just know that God has a great sense of humor- more then I think he gets credit for. I know so many people who are complete Lifetime channels so I figure I need to give God some breathing time and a good laugh,lol.

    I pray for good ratings,lol.

    It makes for an interesting question-
    If your life were a type of TV show or channel- what would it be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    I wasnt arguing against feelings, only pointing out what they truly represent.

    And I never said that there is anything wrong with you saying that you talking to god is instinctual. You may have that as a personal belief, all I am pointing out is that it is false. But just because it is false, it doesn't mean that you must renounce it.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    And you all sure love to mythologize.
    You can still 'talk to god', just think of it as an activity to make your imagination focus on the sublime in life and not as an activity where you talk to a person in the sky.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    Nothing wrong with having an imaginary friend so long as you dont assume that he is concrete enough for sensors to get their hands on. That is the problem with the religious notion of god.
    And the award for Disingenuous Poster Of The Year goes to....

    So there's nothing wrong with personal belief in God as long as you don't have an...actual personal belief in God?

    If you see a spade, call it. It's more respectful than trying to establish a polite truth that doesn't come off as all that polite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niffer View Post
    The clouds remind me of him.
    ...You've met Him?
    Dost thou love Life? Then do not squander Time; for that's the Stuff Life is made of.

    -- Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, June 1746 --

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    I pause on occasion to give the Theoretical Comedic Celestial Sky Entity the finger for whatever cosmic joke I'm caught in at the moment.

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