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I think it's J vs P that is easiest to mis-type.

People can be on the fence with F or T or E or I - but you know which one you have a preference for. It's common to be on the cusp for E/I and F/T but being close to the border is apparent.

S vs N - I think most people are clear on that at least for themselves?

J vs P is easier to get confused on and not even be sure about because judge it usually based on timeliness and cleanliness and J/P is about way more than that. I know a lot of extremely picky about cleanliness 'Ps' and 'Ps' can also be very outspoken and even direct. There are also 'Js' who admit they are bad about time and timeliness.

Edit- Supposedly, there is a term for those who are on the fence with E/I.. It's called 'ambivert,' I think.