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    Boba Fett parked the B-wing fighter on the space railway lines.
    A security detail on the upper platform made a fuss until Boba Fett used a thermal detonator, plastering their remains to the walls.
    He then made his way down to the lower platforms with the aid of his jet-pack, killing any of the mildly concussed bystanders foolish enough to get in his way.
    I'll get you my pretty, and your little hermit crab too!

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    I didn't see the two pictures on the bottom the first time I read this post. The stick figures look to me like kids jumping on a trampoline, and the blurry one on the bottom right looks like a satellite photo of a snowy mountain range.

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    From left to right:

    It's not a stairway to heaven but really a ski lift to heaven. (much easier to get there than you think)

    You should celebrate other people's salvation as much as your own.

    There's still alot unknown about the world, even if you believe in god's word, do you know why it's there? Or even can you comprehend the level of god's power and what exactly he's doing with it? Don't presume you know anything other than the tiniest spec of knowledge just because you believe in god and the bible.

    Could be some other religion or theory involving a cross and I've horribly misjudged on my own preconceptions. (like the fact I assumed the cross was going up, how optimistic of me, it could equally be going down or away, and the devil worshippers are jumping for joy as the world fades into eternal darkness and pain, they soon realise that no being can feel pleasure or happiness from what is to come. They weep as they see gods last moment of glory before he leaves forever (maybe jump in madness trying to enjoy their final moments). A great demon, with inconsiderable form, steps into the world to have his way with the infinite well of souls for eternity. The world becomes so very still...

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