1. I break out in a cold sweat on the first day of any class.
2. I always said I never wanted kids, now I don't know what I'd do without my daughter.
3. I'm studying to be a certified personal trainer.
4. I married my high school crush, who also had a crush on me back then.
5. I'm nice to everyone, even people who have seriously hurt me in the past/present.
6. Totally a cat person.
7. I've never been outside of the US.
8. I've never been on a plane, and plan to keep it that way.
9. I play flute and piccolo.
10. I have itty bitty toes. (If my toes weren't so small I'd probably have a bigger shoe size!)
11. My best friend is now a girl I disliked in HS, and my best friend from HS is now a girl I dislike.
12. I might have a mild obsession with animal prints...
13. Horror movies have a special place in my heart.
14. I have more male friends than female friends.
15. I've had 8 different majors since starting college/going back to college.... And I'm about to start on my 9th one.
16. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none (hence my #15).
17. I've been writing poems/short stories since I was a little kid. (At 7 I wrote my own kids book and printed it out on our dot matrix printer. )
18. I hate getting to know people. I much prefer to just learn things over time.
19. I'm more likely to answer a text message than a phone call.
20. I visit about six different forums....when I remember them.
21. I hate jewelry.
22. I've always had really long nails....and rarely ever paint them.
23. Pretty much all my clothes are what I would consider classic colors... All navy blue, red, white, khaki, brown, and black....
24. My husband and I are planning on building a safe room in our house if we add on.
25. I can count the number of times I wear makeup a year on one hand.