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    Default An MBTI Christmas

    Okay... I know it's still quite a ways away, but Wallie and I need to get some Christmas shopping done before his next surgery which will be in mid-November (his second hip replacement at age 27). I know, being an ISTJ I tend to have trouble getting people things because of the whole syndrome of getting people things I would want. So, I was thinking, can anyone expound on what kind of gifts your type and/or other types like?

    For me, and possibly other ISTJs, I'm not into the whole principle of "It's the thought that counts"; nor am I too much into sentimental crap like figurines or coffe mugs with warm fuzzy sayings on them. For Christmas, and birthdays, I prefer things that are cool AND that I can use. For example, some things I want right now are a wireless cable router for my laptop (since we blew up the last one), salon-style shampoo and conditioner, and some Sammy deep conditioner. New clothes are always cool too. Can you see a trend here? If it's not listed, or in the same vein, I probably don't want it.

    My mom's birthday is coming soon, and she's more sentimental. I don't know what type she is, but she apparently knows how to appreciate all that sentimental useless crap that my sister gets her...

    Anyways, you get the point. Discuss! Enlighten me!
    By the way, I'm the girl in the picture, lol.... happily married though, so don't even...

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    My favorite gifts (i'm an INTJ):

    *headlamp with 4 different light functions
    *a quality biblical concordance
    *books of various sorts
    *metal detector
    *guitar strings, etc. (stuff i need to buy but add up and are nice to receive as gifts)
    *tools for my bike
    *blank journal; i journal b/c of the gift. otherwise i would've been too cheap to buy the journal.

    mostly useful things. i really hate sentimental crap. OR things you need to dust and are there for decoration. i HATE those things. and b/c they're gifts you have to put them up for a certain amount of time.
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    I love gifts like;

    -computers and computer accessories
    -movies, games
    -pens/pencils, etc

    Stuff I hate;

    -facial/body care
    -sentimental gifts (ex: handmade card)

    I would choose a DVD movie over a diamond ring, assuming there would be no resale value. If there was, I'd choose the diamond ring, sell it, and buy more DVDs.

    Anyways, you should probably just make your mom a card, or get her flowers/jeweleries, you know, stuff like that.

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    I like getting cold hard cash!

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    Buy her some seasonal flowers!

    I like most stuff people give me...I really like getting chocolate that I don't have to share...stuff I tend to dislike getting though include:

    - ugly wearable things
    - electronics
    - stuff that has prices the giver can brag about
    - new crap to replace my old crap that I like...just for the sake of the newness
    - money
    - gift cards...well they're okay sometimes, if it's a store I go to regularily

    I would prefer to have lots of really garbage-like presents than a few super expensive ones that won't amuse me for long anyways.

    I wouldn't mind getting a stack of lined paper, a drawing, a really cool pen, a grapefruit peeler...anything works for me. When I see useful looking garbage on the street that people have thrown away, I take it and keep it. This is why people like my birthdays. They're a time to mess around all over town and get rid of your excess "crap".
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    holy shit am I a feeler?
    if you like my avatar, it's because i took it myself! : D

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    Just ask people what sort of stuff they would like (That you are getting presents for.). It looses a bit of the surprise, but does take care of some problems of getting them stuff they won't like.

    In general for me (borderline INTP/INTJ.)

    Books (non-fiction types in general, usually science, history, or current events related.)
    Music (this will just depend on personal tastes of people involved.)
    Movies (usually non-romance/pure drama ones for me, though like with music it cane be variable and unpredictable.)
    Food is always nice.
    Cash. (Always the last resort if I don't think of anything when people ask. I'm just fine with it)

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    It's good to hear that at least one other INTJ hates sentimental things and porcelain junk. As a child I would sometimes receive these...

    I will tell you a story about Christmas last year:
    On my main list were my parents, two brothers, sister, sister-in-law, and nephew. Everyone else got something I could stick in an envelope, so they don't count as gifts, really. (I actually find that kind of gift quite offensive unless they are a long way away or only know you vaguely.)

    Hints given:
    ENTP Brother: None.
    ENFJ S-I-L: None.
    ESTP Father: Something foreign.
    ISFJ Mother: She would like some nuts to herself, mentioned in passing one day, because people kept stealing her favorite kinds.
    XXXX Brother: None.
    INTJ Sister: None, but mum said she might like another composer to stand on her piano.
    XXXX Nephew: None.

    ENTP Brother: Gave him some silly things that I won't admit to here. He was very happy with his gift.
    XXXX Brother: I searched around and located the most drab (he liked olive drab, greys, and anything that looks dirty to begin with) plaid padded work shirts I could find with integral solid-colored (different colored) hood. Like a construction worker might wear in the cold country in the winter. He was very happy with his gift and began wearing them immediately.
    INTJ Sister: Books of music at or above her proficiency level for the piano, as specified by her piano teacher. She was happy.
    ESTP Father: Foreign foods from the little middle-eastern market, and other assorted weird things he likes to eat but mum doesn't like to let him buy. I gave him something else, too, but I don't recall what it was.
    XXXX Nephew: Clothes. He constantly needs new respectable clothes.

    One night, having had difficulty locating some of the above gifts, plus something for my sister-in-law, I decided to go Christmas shopping for the remaining people on my list and drug my sister along. My sister is probably an INTJ that isn't that strong on the T, but certainly nowhere near a normal INFJ.

    Our first stop was a local grocery store, where we collected every type of nut my mother likes and left the ones she didn't. This store was out of her favorite nuts after this, so we went to yet another store and bought more. Mom is an ISFJ.

    We then went to the local Walmart because it was too late to go anywhere else, and found:
    - Gold drapery cord.
    - Red velvet.

    As we wandered about looking for stuff for various projects (I know I needed something in the paint section for dad's gift, for instance), we happened down the stinky candle aisle. As we wandered along, we noticed there were some totally horrible candles here. Like the ugliest, most illogical, stinkiest, weirdest candles ever. One that had been moved and discarded caught our eye and we just started going off on how outrageous this candle was. So ugly, so huge, so wrong. A giant dark-green (ugly shade) mint-scented candle. It was hideous. Like something from a nightmare, we just went on and on about how wrong that thing was on every possible level. Then we tried to think of what kind of person would buy such a God-awful giant hunk of green wax when it hit me that my sister-in-law would positively love it. The problem was that we couldn't find a sensible stand for it, there just wasn't anything in the building that both fit the candle and didn't look cheap and crappy or particularly-festive (like some kind of specifically-christmas-season thing). It took us a while of searching through the glass section and wandering about before we found one of the most impractical plates I've ever seen, it was ridged on top and different colors, somewhat irregular, but not too irregular. It was rather hideous to me, but my sister said it had a unique artistic aesthetic about it, and it possessed a similar amount of ugly to the hideous giant candle.

    I believe my sister-in-law's gift cost me a grand total of like 5 or 6 bucks, if that.

    Once home, we boxed and wrapped the hideous candle and the totally impractical plate, then placed this box under the tree. It's funnier when you hear me go on about it with my sister, really.

    A few days later, when my mother finally left for a while, I took the velvet and cord, then sewed a large red velvet bag with gold draw strings, which I filled with the nuts and a nice large metal nut/lobster/shellfish cracker, then drew shut, tied off, tagged, and placed it under the tree.

    Mom critiqued the bag construction a bit, apparently I could have done it a bit better, but she was impressed that I made the effort, and she was very happy with both her nuts and her new cracker, which she still jealously guards (she brought it with her when she moved here and took it with her when she left). She has done some repairs on her red bag since then and still uses it for nuts.

    ISFJ Mom: Her favorite kinds of nuts in a handmade red velvet bag with gold drape rope drawstring. Rather happy with her gift, specific parts more than others.
    ENFJ S-I-L: Big, ugly, green, mint-scented candle on a weird-looking totally-impractical plate. She positively loved it. It was immediately placed on the coffee table in their living room and regularly lit. When they moved back in and packed away most of their stuff at a storage place, the candle and plate came with them and it was prominently set up on the buffet in the living room, where it still resides (the candle has been replaced at least once since then with another ugly green candle).

    Now, the candle would normally (by any SP and most SJs) be wrapped with some kind of frilly festive stuff or fake plants. I didn't get any of this because I knew it wouldn't appeal to her as much with this stuff as it would without.

    It wasn't really type-based, it was merely observing the person and using intuition to figure out what they might want or like... Really, this is the best strategy...
    I 100%, N 88%, T 88%, J 75%

    Disclaimer: The above is my opinion and mine alone, it does not mean I cannot change my mind, nor does it guarantee that my comments are related to any deep-seated convictions. Take everything I say with a whole snowplow worth of salt and call me in the morning, if you can.

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    (INFJ)I like useful things that are thoughtful, if that makes sense...things that I will with out a doubt use within a month.

    And I also like useless things that are really weird/cool (but not really sentimental exactly) strange statuettes and carvings and antique objects that make sounds or have little bits that can be wound.

    My brother (ESTP...I think...since he took a test of sorts) likes gadgets, colourful lights, sheet music, and video games. So, basically, he likes things he can play with.

    My mother (ESFJ) likes the sentimental stuff. Cards and clothes and ornaments...things like that.

    My father (INTJ) likes the same stuff I do, minus the weird useless stuff.

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    Usually, I prefer to get money. I feel that I'm the only one who knows exactly what I want, and I like having the option of saving the money instead of just having something I might or might not want.

    I would probably pretend to like anything I got, however, just to avoid hurting the giver's feelings. In fact, I wouldn't even think less of them for it, because it's the thought and the person behind the gift that counts, even if the gift is terrible.

    As far as gifts, I mostly like to get books, music, and occasionally accessories for my computer.

    But I think you should tell us more about this person's preferences so that we can tell you what they might want to get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by athenian200 View Post
    Usually, I prefer to get money.
    me too, but once you get out here in the world, paying your own bills, it's not like VISA just isn't going to take it away immediately anyways, lol.

    I would probably pretend to like anything I got, however, just to avoid hurting the giver's feelings. In fact, I wouldn't even think less of them for it, because it's the thought and the person behind the gift that counts, even if the gift is terrible.
    See, umm... being ISTJ and having tested 100% T on one test I took, I have a huge problem with this. Not only do I have a hard time hiding my displeasure with these gifts, but sometimes it even kinda makes me angry to receive crappy gifts. (THAT I do my best to hide.)

    But I think you should tell us more about this person's preferences so that we can tell you what they might want to get.
    Well, I'm afraid, being as perfectionist with gifts as I am, I don't know if I can bring myself to buy anything less than what I think is awesome. No offense. I just have a mental block on it, I guess. I think my INFP husband is gonna try to help me out (ironically, since she has been the mother-in-law from hell, pardon the expression). Anyways, I think I'll figure something out sooner or later, or just settle for something... She's the type that'll just smile anyways. And, considering how she feels she lost me too soon (through marriage), I'm sure she'll love whatever I give her, as a reminder of me.

    Anyways, this thread is more of a place to speculate on types and gifts. I figured others might find it useful as well.
    By the way, I'm the girl in the picture, lol.... happily married though, so don't even...

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