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    I haven't had time to look at it really...

    We have changed, however, a fair bit. But the divide is along geographical zones more than anything else. I also think the multicultural factors are starting to rear their heads (US divergence/stratification of wealth/race/etc is a very very serious issue and has been for a while. While Canada has worse income equality, the gap doesn't go down as fast or as harshly. We care for our poor, IOW). Fundamental difference in mentality.

    An easy example is the mortgage issues going on right now. Three morally bankrupt mentalities are posing serious dangers to the financial structure of the US (pass the buck, my bit first, cheat to win). Canada is unlikely to have many of the isses, despite serious economic issues. In Canada, the effects are direct - forestry, job loss, ect. In the US, they are artifical but structural. We don't have the looming sub-primes and creative marketing stuff, even with weakening markets (Edmonton, Calgary now). The work attitude remains.

    As such, when the US dollar start to collapse (which over 5 years, has lost over 30%. To put in perspective, it would need to go up ~50% to reach where it was at the turn of the century... Canada, Euro, Yen...), the mentality is likely to continue, escalating the issues.

    That's what I think the statistics show, both foward and backward looking... and why Canada differs in those ways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lastrailway View Post
    So, what age group are they?
    They are included in the OP (highlight the text where the Spoiler: tag is)

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    Yes, the housing market is a shining example of how different we are. Interesting discussion.

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