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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    They'd be forced to concede that the Intuitors are more efficient human beings--utilized their talents better, but not any better at heart. A fiend can have a manifold of skills that will make him more efficient than a sage. Take Hitler for instance, he was a gifted orator, highly imaginative and industrious yet a man with a wicked heart. Hence, he just like the western nations who nearly destroyed this world has allowed for his 'efficiency' to evince how nefarious he was as a person.
    So I think we can conclude that logic and scientific reasoning are superior in the develpment of technology and economic/business endeavors. But they are not superior when it comes to social institutions such as religion, marriage, family, etc.... I am also unconvinced that logic is superior in establishing a moral foundation for either an individual or society to live by.

    INTPs are most efficient at generating profound insight on impersonal grounds. INFPs on personal. INTJs are the champions in the realm of impersonal innovation. INFJs in personal. ENTPs and ENFPs are only best at generating practical ideas.
    I thought you were appealing to my vanity. Perhaps you were appealing to your own vanity intead?

    I bet SJs would definitely wish they had more N so they could finally have the control over their lives that they always longed for as opposed to be at the mercy of external circumstances that force them to turtle in their traditional ways.
    I actually wish I had a little more Si at times so I would have an easier time buckling down and getting some work done. (Although I think this thread of discussion is getting somewhat away from the original discussion.)

    Logic is best for all impersonal endeavors. Though 'Feeling' for the personal. The most meritorious philosophers and scientists tended to be INTPs and most meritorious poets, novelists and playwrights INFPs. Either way, Ns top it.
    Since feeling is best for personal endeavors such as religion, marriage and family, then we can conclude that logic is not the best tool when approaching these subjects. Does this mean that tradition is the best tool, or is there some other means by which we should approaching these subjects?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    People, why do you entertain the myths that you do?
    So here's my essay response to one point in your essay: of the belief in the irrational despite evidence. I took religion under pointer, and examined my rational views to explain for such phenomenon from the viewpoint of knowledge, both personally and considering others whom might feel the same. This is something I've thought about recently, and I write about these things personally, so I just now wrote it in english.

    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    Inspired by bluewing's essay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorWizard View Post
    RaptorWizard's responce to SolitaryWalker's In search for a better understanding thread:

    In the search for understanding, 4 questions we tend to ask include the meaning of eschatology, death, immortality, and what the alpha and omega of all things shall be. In discovering the treasures such great questions have in store for us, we seem to consistently find the world is greater than previously conceived, from the round earth, to the solar system centered around the sun, to the universal expansion from the big bang, and next perhaps other universes or planes of existence outside our own. Our focus should not be to divide things into absolute qualities like true and false, but rather to open our minds and let our imaginations take shape. All things conceptualized by the mind may have a certain level of reality to them beyond existent and non-existent, the existent perhaps being the world of stability, and the non-existent maybe being the world of possibility. This is why our focus should unlock the transcendent power of the mind, lifted above and beyond the mundane limitations of this plane. SolitaryWalker believes the key to the world to come is this world first. As a starting point, we must not assign limits to a world larger than our present comprehension. SolitaryWalker then goes on a long rant about how traditionalist personality types thrive on secure boundaries in suspension of critical and rational analysis, implying he believes his own personality type (probably INTP) to be vastly wiser and superior. Such arrogance blinds the mind and restricts the alternate possibilities. He is right however in saying that we should never stop questioning what we believe, as our ideas can always be altered into higher forms. Perhaps if our wills became sufficiently powerful, they could transcend the system and become free forces.

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