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    I do like clothes, but generally shop seasonally, meaning, I get all the coordinating pieces that are the foundation at one time. I couldn't afford to do this when I was younger, but now, going into one of my favorite shops with a "dress me" attitude in mind gets all the sales girls hopping and it's loads of fun. They know they'll be ringing through a good sale so are happy to take more time with you.

    When my kids were small, we thrift-shopped a lot, since kids grow out of stuff so fast you can buy such cute things on the cheap that still look great. And did I mention it was cheap! LOL

    I still shop the sales otherwise for fun little extras, but have little patience for the mall scene on a regular basis.

    I dress to express my woman-ness; I wear fitted, tailored clothes, heels and accessorize accordingly. Love to stomp it out! I do think dressing well makes you feel better; it's a reflection of your confidence in yourself and strangely creates this positive feedback loop that makes you feel great too!

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    I don't give a godd*** s*** about fashion. Clothes should be functional, IE

    1. Keeps you warm
    2. Covers up your 'Naughty Parts'

    Of course, #1 is unneccesary now that we have climate control.
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    Honestly, I love clothes, and I really like the shopping process. My Ne goes ridiculously WILD. All of the colors, shapes, and materials stimulate my imagination and I can see myself in all these different clothes, in different lives, in different places. It's much more about creating a visual of who I'd like to be, a manifestation of my internal self, and not about getting "new stuff" or blindly following the latest trends. My style is very varied, but it's all "me" in some way.

    I admit I will once in awhile buy clothes I have little use for in life, because of my silly imagination when shopping. I'll try something on and create this whole fantasy around it. I might buy clothes to wear to something which I will likely never do, or not any time soon, or that I only do only once in a great while.

    My shopping process is a very thorough one. I like to walk around the entire store and look at everything. I am afraid I will miss something amazing. I might take a massive stack of clothes back with me to the dressing room (because you just never know what will look great on), and then I begin the elimination process (good thing I am usually picky). I can shop in all different places, and I take my sweet time looking for something special. I like ebay for vintage sometimes, because stores don't always carry what I have in mind. Shopping feels like a hunt of sorts, a mission, a mecca to the grand fulfillment of my aesthetic expression!!!

    I also get bored with clothes after awhile. I enjoy novelty, and I even like to wear clothes I already own in different ways each time. I do keep an eye on fashion because it's innovative and artistic, and I have a hunger for new ideas. It gives me some inspiration, since I don't actually buy really expensive clothing.

    I see getting dressed as a tiny creative achievement each day. An outfit that is too predictable can leave me cold, and I don't feel like myself in it. If I pull something off that is a bit unique or daring or close to an idea in my head, then I feel this victory of self expression. I think because I am a quiet and shy person this is how I communicate to the world. My clothes may tell people I am not a boring, one-dimensional person, since my personality takes time to unearth.

    I admit that shopping produces a big high in me. If I am depressed, I might shop to feel better. When I am shopping, I am so focused that I forget my anxieties, and buying new stuff makes me excited to wear it, so I have something to look forward to in life when it feels like all else is hopeless. That sounds really sick, and it is. I fight that tendency, because it's essentially an addictive one. Like any drug, it wears off and then you're left with the same bad feeling (but with less money and closet space...). I am also less discriminating in those moments, letting the high of the process take over and ending up with mediocre pieces.
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