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    Quote Originally Posted by rainoneventide View Post
    It happens to me, too! Actually, I'm very rarely just myself in dreams. I'm some other character that my mind created. Most of my dreams literally have plots and characters and everything, but I forget the details when I wake up (which is really depressing).

    The gender reversal might also have to do with my past frustration of being a girl. I mean, I'm attracted to guys, but when I was little I felt like guys had more fun and were more free to be themselves than girls. I was a tom boy, so people were always telling me that I should act or dress more like a girl, that I should do this or not do that.

    Now, I'm completely happy and comfortable with being a woman, and I don't change genders in dreams as often.
    Yeah, I think I agree with you a lot here. My friends said jokingly that I was probably bisexual or something, which isn't the case, but I do think it has something to do with identifying well with the other gender. I'm not the most feminine girl, and I think I like it like that. It never feels like a bad thing to be a guy in my dreams.

    Actually, I have weird, movie-like dreams too, where there's plot and characters and stuff. Like, in one dream, I was a guy that started a revolution or resistance against something, and then later in the dream I was a different character, a girl who was enthralled by the work of the guy I was earlier and rallied a huge mob for the cause.

    Strangely enough, I usually have most of my physical characteristics as a girl (blonde, blue-eyed, rather pale), but as a guy I'm almost always a tan brunette.
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    maybe the gender isn't as significant as the implications of character? perhaps this dark, masculine figure is a facet of yourself?
    oh, and i'm a girl that likes girls, and i have never dreamt i was male.

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