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    Quote Originally Posted by nozflubber View Post
    good point.... I was presuming they were medium sized monkeys, like 100-120 pounds.
    That'd be a mutant monkey, actually. The Mantled Howler is one of the largest, and it only weighs about 22lbs.

    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Yeah, when I think Monkeys, I think Chimpanzees, those things will bite your face off, and will eat the babies of the tribes/families they overtake. Badass!

    Gorillas are considerably nicer...I think I could conceivably outmaneuver 3 gorrilas. Hmm...

    I'll take 3 gorillas.
    Like another guy said though, chimps are apes, not monkeys. Monkeys are tiny little guys, apes are the big ones that can kill you.

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    I'd take 3 gorillas since they'd be easier to outrun.

    Edit: maybe not...

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