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Thread: Type Your Pets

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    Default Type Your Pets

    Because you know you want to.

    I don't care if MBTI theory is not applicable to animals. In many ways it fails to be accurate for humans. So that being said, I will type my pets. You should too!

    Name: Spouling
    Species: Feline
    Sex: Female
    Type: ISTJ
    Reasoning: She likes order and cleanliness and won't except less. She tends to dislike change and prefers to keep things the way they are. She's not very social but usually gets along with the other cats. Her favourite activities include laying on a freshly vacuumed carpet, drinking ice water, and grooming. Her lifestyle is pretty low-key. She's a bit uptight though and has anxiety problems or so the vet has told us. Other interesting trivia about her is that she currently has a prescription for Prozac.

    Name: Little Boy
    Species: Feline
    Sex: Male
    Type: eNFJ
    Reasoning: Kindest and most affectionate cat I've ever gotten to know. He has the ability to change people's lives. In fact he helped a person recover from depression and alcoholism. He's definately got some Fe going on there and thinks the best of everyone. He loves to talk, play with feathers, and engage with other people and animals. He however is easily scared by strangers (humans).

    Name: Sophie
    Species: Feline
    Sex: Female
    Type: INTJ
    Reasoning: She's systematic and sort of evil with a reputation to bite without remorse (literally). People have often mentioned that she is a psycho kitty and can be difficult even for experienced vets. But she has a soft side once you get to know her. She loves to cuddle with someone whom she trusts. Also she has an affinity for treats. She doesn't usually get along with the other cats with the exception of Minster.

    Name: Minster
    Species: Feline
    Sex: Female
    Type: ENFP
    Reasoning: Unfortunately she's not the sharpest tool in the shed (actually a little retarded) but a sweet cat nonetheless. She seems to be a bit of a day dreamer so she doesn't always notice what going on around her. But she has no respect for other's personal space and frequently invites herself to be loved upon. She likes to get as close as possible so she can cuddle you all day. Her other passion is food. She LOVES food and will eat just about anything. Sometimes she hangs out with Sophie and other times she plays with Mystery.

    Name: Mystery
    Species: Feline
    Sex: Female
    Type: ISTP
    Reasoning: This cat is easily bored by the everyday humdrum of our household so she's always inventing games to play with herself and has a love for toys. (Loves to examine things to see how they work.) It's very likely that her goal in life is simply to have fun. When there isn't anything to do for a while she gets in a bad mood. Then she uses her brilliant mind to be destructive. Sometimes this means ambushing the other cats or tearing things apart. Although a bit short tempered she doesn't mean to hurt anyone. Her favourite food is pudding and yogurt.

    Name: Pineapple
    Species: Fish
    Sex: Female, er male... I don't really know actually.
    Type: ENTJ
    Reasoning: It's a hunch. It likes to organise and order the other fish around. It seems to be their leader.

    Okay, now it's your turn!
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    I don't like animals actually, except when my mom cooked it. >

    But your post is hilarious... XD

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    Present cat is ENFP. She's a little nuts but very, very sweet. Highly spirited. Friendly to houseguests. Loves to play. No street smarts. None.

    Former cat was ISxJ, best behaved cat ever. Doglike, loyal and would come to us when called. She was my constant companion, total lapcat. Very loving to me (expect when I was sick and then I suppose I lost her respect or something) and very loving to husband after she accepted him as part of the family hierarchy yet she never consorted with guests but rather sat in my lap and smugly glowered at them. Terrified at vet or out of doors. Intensely disliked the ENFP cat but the ENFP never gave up trying to make friends. But things were apparently said in the first meeting that just could never be forgotten.

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    Dog 1-Puppy-ENFP totally needy and so freaking emo
    Dog 2-Ivy-ENTJ she hold me in great disdain and feels I really dont meet her standards. little tramp loves men though.

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    Pippi (cat): ESTJ - Bossy as hell (I think all Siamese cats are ESxJs...) Yowls like an alarm clock; "Wake up! It's time to feed me!" "Time for dinner! Quit what you were doing and get over here!" (E, T and J). But despite all this, she's pretty much harmless. She appreciates the small (sensory) things in life, like belly rubs, and most importantly, food.

    Pogo (cat): INFP - very sweet and loving (F), and very, very quiet (I). She always hides from strangers (albeit halfheartedly/badly). She's a klutz (N (sensotard)), and is always knocking things over without meaning to (unlike Pippi, who hasn't knocked anything over in years). Also annoying is that she's easily distracted, flighty, and unpredictable (P). But she's a sweetheart, and loves sitting in people's laps. She doesn't even need to be petted; as long as she's in your lap or sitting next to you, she'll purr like a motor. Just being next to you is enough (romantic INF). Used to be constantly dominated by Pippi, who is the larger and more aggressive of the two.

    Carla (fish - died a long time ago, but I feel like typing her anyway): Unhealthy, stereotypical INTJ. No morals or anything. Villainous! I put a mussel in her tank once, and a month later, it had vanished. She ate it!!
    EJCC: "The Big Questions in my life right now: 1) What am I willing to live with? 2) What do I have to live with? 3) What can I change for the better?"
    Coriolis: "Is that the ESTJ Serenity Prayer?"

    ESTJ - LSE - ESTj (mbti/socionics)
    1w2/7w8/3w4 so/sx (enneagram)
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    Raj -

    ENFP - Would always be and about playing, jumping, yelling, ambushing, cuddling, talking and just generally all over the place. He was persistent; the more my roommate ignored him and moved away, the more he wanted to make friends with him. There were times when he'd get really emo though and mope in a corner totally ignoring everyone. I suppose those were the times when he remembered his mother. He was taken from her quite young. Sadly, the kitten made my asthma act up rather badly and I had to give him away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mo View Post
    ENFP - Would always be and about playing, jumping, yelling, ambushing, cuddling, talking and just generally all over the place. He was persistent; the more my roommate ignored him and moved away, the more he wanted to make friends with him. There were times when he'd get really emo though and mope in a corner totally ignoring everyone.
    That's exactly how my dog acts ENFP!

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    Our female dog was probably an ISFP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    That's exactly how my dog acts ENFP!
    Is your dog a little bit like

    If so, he's a clearcut ENFP too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hommefatal View Post
    Our female dog was probably an ISFP.
    Wanna explain why you think so?

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