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1. Flake out on parties because they can't be bothered to be extroverted, then want you to suddenly convert to Introversion when you're hanging out with them.
I only hang out with Es when I have the energy to; if I don't, no need for them to change for me other than let me alone. I always though that was the purpose of other people existing in the world...

2. When I will not accept that the E doesn't want to be introverted at their whim.
Again, be an E. There are lots of people in this world.

3. When the I's complained themselves into getting their way and you're forced to pretend that it doesn't bother you that this has happened for the third time
If I have to complain to get out of it the more I have to the less likely I'm going to care if it bothers you or not...

4. When the I never picks up that you might need their company.
Say you need the company. I'll take the negative energy hit for my inner circle if they need it.

5. When you go out together and the I pays more attention to their drink/tv than you.
What kind of Is do you hang out with that do this???? Or are you just miffed that they're not doing eye contact?

6. When I's get upset just because we try to confirm they're okay by asking a simple question instead of trying to guess what's going on in their head.
Just try not being the 20th E to ask me that very same question that hour. Shouldn't be a problem otherwise...

7. When I gets annoyed by a phone call even though the E might feel more comfortable saying something over the phone
If the call is going to be a problem I don't pick up to start with...

8. They play the victim everytime an E messes up something they tried to plan via telepathy.
This is unfamiliar...

9. When I doesn't talk during one-on-one time and expects us to be some jukebox on demand.
I don't think and talk well at the same time and I need to make human thought speach proper understand good.

10. When I doesn't realize that socializing means two people interact with each other, and quiet time is better left to alone time.
I do quiet time at home, in a special room for it if I have E roommates. Also see above comment.

11. When I refuses to keep up a conversation.
Am I allowed to change the subject? I hope you'll stay interested...

12. When you just decide to continue to talk, the I gets upset that they didn't have time to put their two cents in.
I'm working on a sign to indicate that I am attempting to say something, nothing has worked so far.