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    Default Able to make a confined explosion and make matter! What do you do?

    This is a question I posed on 'Hypothetically, this is madness!'. I thought that everyone should be able to answer it, not just one person.

    Q: What would you do in this scenario that I have been thinking about all day: You suddenly discover that you are able to make a nuclear explosion from a single atom, confine the energy, and convert it into matter of any kind you want?

    (I personally would build tons of stuff, and then make legions of lonsdaleite* soldiers with a hive mind controlled by me. I would enter the UN and demand that I get to make my own country out of a region that is not currently classified as a country, such as the Western Sahara. My threat would be that these lonsdaleite soldiers would take the area anyway. If any didn't agree, I would give them an example of just how tough they are, IE make one use a machine gun on one, and because it is lonsdaleite, it will be unaffected. Then I will establish the country, and make it into my dream utopia world using shaped matter. After a while I'd get bored and set off to do stuff such as end world hunger with shaped matter, and other fun things, until the world has no threats to it at all, due to the matter having solved problems.) Being an N is so fun for fantasizing.

    *Lonsdaleite is a material estimated to be 58% harder than diamond. With proper application of very high indentation loads, it can become 78% harder than diamond.
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    I would bring the sexy back into intp

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    I think I would be stuck with what to do first. I'd be all excited about the idea of creating my own planet, or element, or building all kinds of odd things, or trying to create a unique lifeform, or trying to recreate a miniature Big Bang to see how it happened...

    I think I'd end up trying all of those, and then sticking with the planet and lifeform as long-term project. That planet would be a natural paradise and with this ability to create any kind of matter, I should be able to create plantlife, atmosphere, water, everything with the right equipment. Then, I might take that lifeform and accelerate its growth rate so that many generations go by very quickly...sit back, and watch. Might try to influence its life cycles to create different varieties, and eventually, different species. Then, I might take my experimental planet and throw this lifeform onto it, and wait. Perhaps with its accelerated growth rate, it would evolve and create a complete ecosystem on the planet. An interesting experiment to be sure.
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