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Thread: Ideal [Wo]man

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    Default Ideal [Wo]man

    Describe the physical and psychological traits of your ideal mate.


    Red hair (either cascading down to mid back, or cut short.)
    Pale skin. (Not freakishly white, but not tanned.)
    Long, thin legs. (I love legs, and I have no clue why.)
    Height: Taller than me. (I am five feet and four inches.)


    Warm, caring, empathatic, deep, enthusiastic, and structured. (Must be intelligent. Must be loyal.)

    P.S.: It is 2:02 A.M., and my eyes are beginning to get a bit foggy, so don't berate me too harshly.
    U.S.: No flames, and no PM's. My inbox is being swarmed already.
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    Feminine but not docile, mousy, girl-next-door type. Hair in a bun, nose in a book, likes to learn new things. Is positive and optimistic but not bubbly and self-deceptive. Likes arts and crafts, may design and sew her own clothes for example. Strong sense of family, loyalty and principled integrity, loves children and people in general but not in a shallow "I'm social butterfly" way.

    Doesn't watch much TV if at all or engage in much pop/consumer culture, prefers other activities such as reading, taking those community college workshops to learn a new skill, or working on various personal projects. Has a deep love and respect for truth even if they are of the type where feelings can cloud it from time to time. Also has a deep love and respect for humanity and may do some volunteer work. Cares about us rather than what other people think of us. Younger than me, healthy, clean. Inspiring (a given if she has aforementioned traits). Lets me grow a ridiculous dad-stache when we have kids.

    No drama, STD's, or collection of frozen heads in basement.

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    - Dark hair.
    - Brown or amber coloured eyes.
    - Well shaped eyebrows.
    - Preferrably not fat.
    - Not too tall.
    - Something that I find novelty in. Could be anything really...

    - Loyal.
    - Intelligent.
    - Confident.
    - Modest.
    - Cleanly.
    - Atheist.
    - Hard working.
    - Has similar interests.
    - Prefers quiet environments.
    - Must at least tolerate cats.
    - If they are a thinker, they should posses some kind of insecurity that will move me to pity. This rule does not apply to feelers.
    - And a bit of 'rawr'.
    Is not to be held accuntable for peeling errors.

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    I'm not too particular with looks, he just can't disgust me, and he should be taller than me.
    And, if he had some muscles, that wouldn't hurt, either.

    I'd just like him to be smart, mature, and to share some of my interests. Also, he should be romantic.

    Though this seems relatively simple, I've yet to find one of you males like this.

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    I know a girl, she's one of a kind
    But the poor little thing, she's going out of her mind
    There's something you forgot - there's a reason why she's lost
    Cos baby she don't want to be found

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    IEI Ni


    If we're talking ideal, then I am getting specific :P. Keep in mind, my ideals become flexible when I meet someone I like who shatters them, haha. For the short of it, I always say: a hot nerd.

    -Straight blond hair, bright blue eyes, light warm skin tone. OR light brown curly hair, any color eyes. The eyes should be expressive. I don't like big lips. A strong/distinctive nose is a plus. Great bone structure & jawline. Not too pretty.
    -Average to tall side (cuz I am a bit tall) & average to lean build. 5'10-6'2 is ideal, as then I can wear heels and not tower over him. Natural looking muscle tone is nice, such as from surfing or cycling. Nice legs is a must, lean and not short. Good shoulders, cute butt.
    -As for his style, It can't be too forced & it can't be too careless. I prefer someone on the clean cut end of the spectrum. Not into tattoos and that sort of thing. Simple and masculine works for me, but I can appreciate creativity. It just depends on the guy. Fit is key for a man. Should also be clean.

    Personality: Basically I want a guy that I clique with (obvious! ).
    -Someone into music, literature, & artsy fartsy stuff like me. Appreciates culture, good food & good wine (a variety of foods too). Open to getting tipsy every now & then. Gets subtle/witty humor, and can range from cheesy to very clever. Not vulgar. A bit of a nerd (ahem, intellectual ) on the inside. No snobby/elitist attitude though. Is passionate about something. Can be romantic, but not in the hallmark card way.
    -Generally treats people well & has high morals. Honest, kind and all that jazz. Aware of his spiritual need. Compassion, compassion, compassion. Is kind to animals, and likes cats.
    -Able to be spontaneous at times, but more structured than me. Someone who can ground me when necessary. Good social skills and more outgoing than me. Someone who can take the lead in the relationship, but is cool with me being very independent and feisty. Responsible, but with a sense of adventure.

    That's the preview. The book will be ready for pre-order soon.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

    INFP | 4w5 sp/sx | RLUEI - Primary Inquisitive | Tritype is tripe

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    Too lazy right now to write about what kind of personality I find ideal, so I'll give you the looks, though the looks might reflect a little about personality.

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    Shorter than me
    Takes care of herself, makes an effort


    Genuine, a kind heart and isn't judgmental

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    Either blonde with icy blue eyes or dark with almost black eyes
    Broader shoulders than mine
    Tall and atletic build
    Not too muscular, but muscles just showing through the skin =


    Capable of great passion and intensity
    Calm and rational to balance out my chaotic and emotional streak
    Capable of emotional depth and devotion
    Tender heart beneath his calm demeanor
    Non-judgemental and not easily scared of things that aren't mainstream
    Respectful of other peoples boundaries

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    Getting into a relationship with my ideal woman is probably my worst nightmare.

    That being said.

    - Latex leather suit with pussycat ears
    - Mysterious and dark, goes about at night
    - Long sharp nails, that never break
    - A utility belt that rivals the one Batman has
    - Piercing eyes and perfect figure
    - Extremely athletic, jumping buildings without breaking a sweat
    - Goes by the name of Catwoman.
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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