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Thread: Ideal [Wo]man

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    Skin colour - Any colour, I think people of all colours look good.
    Eyes - any colour, just as long as they are nice and not evil eyes.
    Build - Athletic, I like a man toned but not too bulked out.
    Height - Taller than me, I'm 5'9" without heels.
    Hair - I've always wanted to run my hands through some mans hair, something primal about it, but really as long as it suits him he could be bald and I would still be happy.


    Kind to people and animals - I'm the kind of girl who cries when she accidentally hurts an animal and never kills spiders, I don't expect him to be as sensitive about those things but definately against animal or human cruelty.

    Honest - In all his dealings including business ones. I can't stand watching people con other people for profit.

    Earthy - Much as I love Ne I'm looking for someone who is with it, who is good with his hands in a practical way, who has concrete ideas, but able to listen to me witter away about my abstract ideas and still think I'm cute.

    Not a strong E type, but definately some E please, I need to go out, to be taken out because I lose myself in my head so much. Don't want to be cuddled up at home spaced out all of the time.

    Not jealous - I can't help but be flirtatious, or to be thought of as flirtatious when mostly I'm just bantering with witty people who can keep up. I'm loyal so stop doubting me just because I appear to connect with people.

    Adventurous - I want to try out so much, there is a whole world out there and I don't want to feel held back by a hesistant soul.

    Affectionate - Smother me, please, it's cute.

    High sex drive - We need to match or I'll be miserable.

    Non judgemental - "Don't call her a slut, you don't even know her you judgemental prick", is not something I want to be thinking about you.

    Agnostic/atheist (but not the militant ones), I could be persuaded on some light spiritualism as long as it wasn't too ludicrous. Then again I am on a journey myself so this could change because I might regain a belief of some sorts.

    I'm sure there are more, but these are all I could think of so far.
    Echo - "So are you trying to say she is Evil"

    DeWitt - "Something far worse, she's an Idealist"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post

    son i am disappoint

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    ^Rofl, Jeffster!

    I don't really have a physical ideal. I'm attracted to many different things. But I must be very attracted physically. I tend to fall in love with the little things that are particular to the person I like. e.g. the shape of of his face, the way he walks, his distinctive scent and so on.

    The qualities I like in a person are that he is:
    - easygoing
    - imaginative
    - funny
    - intelligent, or that we have an intellectual bond - I like to converse... a lot!
    - passionate about his interests
    - quirky
    - affectionate and loving
    - an individualist
    - able to take risks or if not, that he can tolerate that I need to
    - healthy (moderate in habits, preferably non-smoking, definitely no substance abuse)
    - compassionate

    Even just possessing the majority of the above traits is enough. He has to be fairly easygoing though. I can't be with someone who is hard-driving, it leads to warring.

    And if he shows me some vulnerability then I'm usually completely hooked.

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