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    So, let's move on to discussion of his latest release "Recovery", shall we?

    I think Eminem is simply brilliant and a refreshing artist to have in the hip-hop industry. Generally, I don't even care for hip-hop, but Em is so clever and unique that I can't help but appreciate and even enjoy his work (regardless of how crude some of the content is).

    In this latest album, he has definitely moved on a bit from the whole "shock and awe" gimmick he's been notorious for (but it's still there in small doses) and has gone much more personal and honest with his lyrics. He clearly states in a lyric that he's ashamed of the last couple of albums he's put out:

    Lyric excerpt: Talkin' 2 Myself

    So I picked myself off the ground and fuckin' swam 'fore I drowned
    Hit my bottom so hard I bounced twice, suffice this time around
    It's different, them last two albums didn't count
    Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushin' 'em out
    I've come to make it up to you now no more fuckin' around
    I got something to prove to fans 'cause I feel like I let 'em down

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    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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