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    You darn INFPs can already do it

    Darn ISFPness....
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonia View Post
    Either ESFP or ENFP could have the superpower to turn people nice, warm, and friendly. I think in some cases they actually have this power.
    Like being nice to enemies on a battlefield and seeing the enemy come around and say "you're right, let's be friends (:"

    Am I supposed to think ^This^ has ever happened..

    ..Must be a pleasant dream
    "..And the eight and final rule: If this is your first time at Fight Club, you have to fight."
    'Men are meant to be with women. The rest is perversion and mental illness.'

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    SEE Fi


    INFP- Speechcraft, teleportation
    INFJ- Telepathy
    ENFP- Power over lightning (see Static Shock)
    ENFJ- Control over fire and ice
    INTJ- Telekinesis
    INTP- Male: One of those dudes that is a genius and fights crime with his inventions
    Female: One of those good vampires that uses their supernatural powers to fight crime

    ENTP- Shape Shifting into animals.
    ENTJ- Hyper Regeneration of body parts and limbs, immortality
    ISFJ- The typical wandering samurai
    ISTJ- Super Strength, discipline in various fighting styles, insane memory. Think Raphael from TMNT's night personality. Also a super detective.
    ESTJ- Superman
    ESFJ- The ability to heal on touch
    ISFP- The ability to calm and influence any living being by touching them
    ISTP- The ability to control anything metal/mechanical with their will
    ESTP- Lightning Speed (like the flash)
    ESFP- They would have wings
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    I wish that I could teleport. I really hate public transportation and cars make me feel nervous. Do you know how much time & money I could save just by teleporting?
    Between that cigarillo and sticking my finger down my throat to see if I could DT, I feel like puking RN.

    Read my Blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    ENTP- Shape Shifting into animals.

    You just want us to turn into kitties!
    I have a vagina.

    ENTP . 7w6 sx/sp

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    ISFP: Invisibility at will, but can also cloak the sounds they make. The only way you can possibly track them is if they make a pretty silly mistake, like moving an object in view of someone.
    ISTP: Super regenerative self-healing and toughness. Physical pain will not bring one down; you'll have to completely damage them to the point of non-functioning, and you'll have to do it faster than they can heal.
    ISFJ: Can pause time at will and can sometimes focus enough to travel short temporal distances. It takes focus to keep time standing still, so they can't leave it frozen forever, but still... incredibly powerful, yes?
    ISTJ: The ability to coalesce the lost knowledge of history in their minds. There is no secret you can keep from them, no matter how long it's been.

    ESFP: The power to charm the opposite sex to the point of near total control.
    ESTP: Super reflexes; can dodge anything and operate vehicles with extreme precision. Their super reflexes allow them to run faster than normal and they can never naturally get cold. They can run around naked in Antarctica if they want because their entire body is vibrating so quickly.
    ESFJ: The power to teleport themselves and some objects long distances. With practice, they could have a 20-minute lunch in Bejing and be back at the office on time. For the super adept, interplanetary travel is not out of the question.
    ESTJ: The ability to change the atomic structure of matter; not shapeshifting or telekinesis, but can make stuff extremely strong or soft.

    ENFP: The ability to spring 'emotion traps'—they can weave intense emotions of their desiring in a certain location, and when someone walks through, they feel that emotion intensely.
    ENTP: They can shoot laser beams from their eyes, but they are completely invisible in all conditions. Also, the laser's direction is completely controllable, so they can make it wrap around from behind if they wanted to kill someone, for example, so ballistics would be useless to try to track them. The only people who could possibly solve their evil crimes would be ISTJs with their superpower.
    ENFJ: Ultra-charisma. Can persuade any person or group to do just about anything. Pushes the right buttons at the right times. Can't read minds but just has that 6th sense about what to say and do to unlock doors.
    ENTJ: Can manipulate the elements of earth, fire, wind, and water to do their bidding.

    INTP: The ability to phase out of our reality and into a sister reality at will. Time still passes for the reality that he's not inhabiting, but a mystical entity takes control of his self while he's gone, to avoid arousing suspicion in others. Useful for avoidance.
    INTJ: The ability to control armies of thugs, cronies, robots, zombies, small kittens etc. with perfect anonymity and without mutiny of any sort.
    INFP: Communication with spirits and entities, even to the point of friendship. You do not want to mess with one who has some powerful spirit friends.
    INFJ: Empathy. Can literally feel what everyone near them feels, and can form bonds and implant sensations in others that originate from themselves.
    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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