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I'd say the statement is utter bullshit. Performance matters, not work. You should accept all people the way they are, work is not a useful criterion.
That's like saying, "Winning the race is what matters, not the car. Or driver. Or everything else that led up to the win."

Sure, sometimes you can win the race with a huge amount of skill or a really good car, but attaining either, for most circumstances, requires a lot of work that led up to that point.

Are you ignoring the idea that, somehow, people can improve their performance through hard work? I'm not sure whether to assume you are or aren't.

I mean, you can say that ultimately it's the performance that matters, but unless you were born knowing how to calculate algebraically or even learning basic societal norms, or have magical fairies hailing from Non-Bullshit Land to guide your every task, there is no way you can dismiss the significance of hard work leading up to a more likely chance of being successful. It may take some more or less effort than others to learn a particular skill, but it's still effort.

You could argue statistics is bullshit, but that's a whole 'nother argument.