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    Holy crap! It looks like a horseshoe crab! I had no idea.
    The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky is BLUE! View Post
    I hope Adrien Brody never even considers rhinoplasty.
    ugh. he makes me sick. and I still want to slap him for the way he forced himself on Halle Berry.

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    You know, I'm not convinced at all that a lot of these older people who are held up as "never have work done!" examples of mature beauty haven't (most of them) had work done. It's just the difference between good work and bad work. Good plastic surgery doesn't show - someone may look healthier, more vibrant, happier etc. I think Susan Sarandon has had work done (I think she's has at least a very good facelift and eye work) and another person I'd say has had good, subtle work done is Julianne Moore, who has publically stated a number of times that she'll "never" have anything done. Now, I could be wrong of course, but either there's something in the water in Hollywood or a good number of these anti-surgery types have snuck off to the best surgeon possible for a little refreshing.

    Another interesting thing is how much abd work there is out there, given the financial resources a lot of famous people have. They *could* have good work done. I think some of them start to get a cartoonish/disordered idea about what looks good. The whole 'some Botox helps, some restylane in the lips helps, so MORE of both must = better' thing. Nicole Kidman is a prime example of this. She's an amazing natural beauty, but she's trying to completely stall aging rather than working 'with' it, as it were, and she looks like a frozen faced-clown these days.

    When intimate with someone every freckle and scar is a grace note. A signifier of uniqueness.
    This is so true. It's funny how, if I were to meet my bf as a stranger on the street, there are things about him I might objectively consider flaws, or at least not to my taste, but because I know and love him, these things don't just cancel out, they actually become *positives*. His little-boy skinny forearms are the cutest thing ever, and generally, I like my men burly.

    PS. I think Adrien Brody is a big gross sleaze, too, Jeno.
    "Only an irrational dumbass, would burn Jews." - Jaguar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangirl View Post
    You know, I'm not convinced at all that a lot of these older people who are held up as "never have work done!" examples of mature beauty haven't (most of them) had work done. Good plastic surgery doesn't show
    Shush you, you're ruining blissful ignorance.
    Listen to me, baby, you got to understand, you're old enough to learn the makings of a man.

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    I think you're right, Kangirl--there are probably a lot of celebs that have had good, tasteful tweaking done, and we'll never know about it. But on the flipside, I've seen lots of plastic surgery articles/websites where a surgeon looks at pics and gives his expert opinion on who's had what done, and to me, it's clear that some of that stuff can be explained away with lighting and makeup and airbrushing.
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