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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    They arch your back, thus sticking out your female goods for display. They make your calves look longer and more toned. They make you walk and carry yourself differently.

    So basically, they are supposed to make you look sexier and more sophisticated and feeling sexier/more sophisticated is a secondary effect. I'm pretty sure whoever invented high heels did so purey for the aesthetic purposes.

    However, speaking for myself some high heels and wedges can make me feel grown and sexy in a way that lends confidence - basically I can still walk in them!

    If any pair of shoes makes it hard to walk or makes you feel self-concious or uneasy, the purpose is defeated. So if high heels don't do it for you, don't wear them.

    Practically speaking - I need to hem a lot of my jeans so in lieu of that platform heels do the trick.
    Yeah I have terrible balance on flat ground, don't see myself enjoying heels. Also I'm tall so I feel even more self concious in them, like this tall-assed freak. But I knew a girl in my high school who was 6ft and wore heels every day, and I hate heels, I also hate dresses and skirts. You should have heard me bitching to my room mate the day I went to go buy my bridesmaid's dress for my brothers wedding. Though the dress does look good on me, and it's not gotty so if I need a dress for something I don't have to go buy one. My mom offered to make it into a cocktail dress after the wedding, I informed her I prefer long dresses (I don't have to shave my legs) I hate shopping in general, but my room mate said she'd buy my clothes if I give her money and told her my size so I might take her up on that. But the nice thing is my room mate decided, since she had to work her prom night that were going to have grown up prom, and I'll have a dress for that. she told me she bought a prom dress at goodwill for $9. I'm not very girly-I don't wear make up my usual dress is jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirt I got for free from some event. I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have made a better boy

    Jeans for me either end up being to long that I walk on them or too short that they are above my ankle. I'm too lazy to have them hemmed so I just end up walking on the ends.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I'm glad men don't have to wear heels. I find regular shoes to be uncomfortable enough.

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