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    Wonders, since action and pictures are based on an emotional imprint of association depending on what the meaning is behind said action or picture then this will invariably stay as the memory that lasts.

    Would action speak louder than words? That depends, what action or word association each person has to signify meaning of memory.

    For instance, certain words can trigger paralyzing thoughts while certain actions can be destructive. While certain actions express positive energy other actions denote negatives, while some words escalate conflict others bring brilliance in unequivocal terms.

    A picture in the right context has the power to move people and engender such thoughts as to eclipse all other emotions. Memories are what gives life behind the pictures, words or actions intent. The associated pattern that is on an instant level connected to what is happening in the moment, emotionally or logically depends on memory of life experience.

    I'm confused, why would actions speak louder than words, words are action too aren't they?

    The right word or two creates a chain reaction that creates action that is profound. Words are action or words are that which promotes action or words are that which precipitates action.

    A picture can be worth more than a thousand words...for memory association is such that to describe the very action of that action that translates into a picture that means more than a thousand words for the history behind that is paramount to the condition of what memory association there is that elicits the emotional response.

    For instance a picture of a loved one who has passed away, you look at the picture and a history association is made where words to describe the picture and the memories associated with are endless.

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    An NT will tell you it's the picture
    an SP will tell you it's the action.
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

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    Default Actions speak louder than words

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    Like this?

    Using the example given of the picture of the two people kissing: The picture only captures a particular instant in time and therefore is more subjective. It is more ambiguous, which can lead to inaccurate interpretation of one's actions.

    In contrast, actions are more concrete and generally can be observed over a longer period of time, which will usually lead to a more accurate interpretation of the situation. So, therefore actions speak louder than words.

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