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    What type were/are your parents? Could/can you get along with them and could they get along with each other? Were/are they good parents? I'm just curious what childhood experiences you all had with your parents.

    My father is an ENTJ, my mother is an ISFP. They met in 1978 and got married in 1980. My mother was from Hungary and she had to move to the Netherlands. My parents were married for almost eleven years when I was born and by then it seemed like the love had faded away a long time ago. I never had any brothers and sisters. My parents didn't really have a social life and my father was always very dominant. My mother wanted to devorce my dad 4 years ago, but in the end she didn't do that.

    When I was little, I could really get along with my dad. We always went to do a lot of stuff together. When we went to do stuff together, my dad always started to philosophise out loud. When I became eleven, we became less and less close. Back then, he seemed kind of threatening to me, because he tried to push me to get good grades and stuff. There was a time when we had fights all the time or didn't speak anymore. That stopped when my dad got a job at my school. He saw what idiots he had to teach and work together with and now it seems like he understands me more.

    My mother was always a very emotional person. She always kept her feelings secret and never told me anything, even though I felt that there was something wrong and she knew it. She usually kept these things secret for a long time and in the end she ends up doing stupid things. When I got older, I became a kind of therapist to her. Then she told me everything. Even things I don't want to know. She's also always comparing her behaviour when she was a child with mine, even though she lived in Hungary and she was born in 1957 and I'm living in the Netherlands and I was born in 1991. But she's sweet. Too sweet.
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    My mother is NTJ and my father is STJ I think. Although I'm not entirely sure. My father may be an F with a highly developped T due to work. He's quite a work aholic in many ways, he doesn't have an off switch like I do. :P I'm sure he is an SJ though.

    I get along with everyone if I have to so no problems whatsoever.

    Wether they were good or not is not an issue to me. I came out good in the end in my opinion and that's what counts. But I think I raised myself more than they raised me. :P

    They're both strong and stubborn people. Respect is the bases of our relationship. They value independancy above all, so we've been taught just that.
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    INFP mother, INTP father.
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    My parents are ENTJ and ESFJ and they will stomp the hell out of anyone that gets in their way. They've been together for over four decades and have achieved an amazingly level of success that few couples ever accomplish, but with that combo it was probably a given from the very start.

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    My father is an ENTJ and my mother is an ESXJ.

    My father has a nasty dangerous temper. My mother is very passive aggressive. I get along with them in very small doses and seperately. They are both clearly unhappy but refuse to do anything about it (they both think that all their problems are the others fault) They are both very unhealthy. I moved out when I was 18 so I could emotionally survive and not get caught in the cross fire. My father has a tendency to get violent.

    Anyways I was taken under the care of a very very nice Lady who I think is classified IXTJ, and her husband who is very IXFP. Nicest people, taught me alot about living life and happiness.
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