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Thread: WHAT???

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    Default WHAT???

    I have never had this experience before, but on this socionics forum I recently joined, an ESFp (probably ESFP in MBTI maybe something else like ENFJ or INFJ? But not sure) decided to completely rip me a new a**hole. Seriously.

    I was simply listing my boyfriends personality traits because people asked me to list them (so they could objectively ascertain his type apart from my assumption that he's ISFJ, long story). I didn't insult anyone. My post was positive. I listed stuff he does/behaviors/stuff he likes, etc. NO big deal.

    And then all of a sudden this girl responds to EACH thing I said, line by line, with a wrong assumption about what I meant and then an insult to me. I was called stupid, dumb, pathetic, told to "grow up" twice, etc. I am still reeling. I DON'T GET IT. What did I do? I have not experienced such a senseless attack... EVER.

    I almost teared up.

    In socionics, ESFps and ISFps are "extinguishment" relations; this means they basically take the light out of each other's fires. But I have never had a run-in with any ESFP. EVER. Neither have they ever tried to make me feel bad like this girl did, that I know of.


    Sorry to just rant, but I don't get it. I was belittled so repeatedly and so cruelly.

    UGH. I truly feel depressed over this.

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    You were trolled, tell management.

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    Congratulations! You were just attacked by a vicious troll.

    There are people out there who just want to make you mad. Don't give them that pleasure.

    Like Honest said, contact management.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    This is gonna be long, but I should set this up.

    So there was question about what type *I* was (some people thought I was ESFj not ISFp). So someone asked if they could see photos of my boyfriend to type, and then based on his type and what kind of relationship we have they would be able to guess my type better.

    So I posted pictures of him. Then this guy writes as his opinion, "NERD NERD NERD INTJ."

    SO I wrote:

    Except that he is a super ISFj, sorry... my brother is INTj and the difference is palpable.

    My boyfriend...

    Is really artistic/musical and seems a bit like an ISFp (Fi subtype of ISFj).

    Always wanted to be a police officer, but never did it because he says he wouldn't like the "mean" part of the job.

    Is not that good at logical argument.

    Has little patience for philosophy, stuff like that.

    Constantly makes comments about people's social-appropriate or inappropriate behavior to me.

    Can't handle competitive games like board games or cards (he gets personally offended if he loses and it irritates him, while my INTj brother is VERY competitive at games and enjoys it). Good at sports growing up though and on the basketball team; confident and skilled in his own body.

    Believes what teachers say about his work no matter how thoughtless/stupid they're being.

    Dresses really well and is super attuned to matching and colors and has really unique/somewhat conservative personal style. Clothes fit beautifully on him, typically, too.

    Believes in God without question, but without wanting to delve into it too much; he just accepts the authority of God and the Catholic church.

    Loves history and the past, loves trains, loves old buildings and objects, and ruminates on the past a lot.

    Is a doer, big-time.

    Never misses class or work, not because he wants to accomplish x y and z per se, more because he feels guilty if he misses.

    Isn't generally super good at organizing (Fi subtype) but super hard-working and spends endless time on assignments and work, and even art or music he's making for fun.

    Is extremely grounded and down-to-earth and a terrific dancer (sorry but I've never known an INTj to be a skillful dancer and seem secure-to-the-ground).

    Doesn't like it when people do "weird" things to express themselves/make a point (like a girl shaving her head, etc. makes him upset and annoyed).

    Has a million friends, most from his youth that he's held on to, and they all contact him, all the time... but he avoids them sometimes, because he needs his space.

    Talks baby talk to his pets (while INTjs love animals, they're not as effusive with nicknames and baby talk towards pets as F types, in my opinion) and makes up nicknames and little funny stories about them, constantly.

    Finds N types harder to relate to, typically. Doesn't relate to my INTj brother.

    Hates research.

    Certainly does not question everything, like the classic INTj.

    And by the way, if he's a "nerd" because of the kind of glasses, that's part of his early 60's/farmer/indie style-interest (though he does need them to see).

    SO that's when I got the scary reply from the ESFp.


    Sorry, but you're being kind of an airhead here. Do you seriously think every INTj out of the 6.7 billion people on the planet are going to be carbon copies of your brother? We're not talking categorizing the wuvvy bunny pet names and baby talking the animals when we type people, for Christ's sake. What exactly do you think we're saying when we come along here and put 'em in a quadra? Have you even bothered to learn about the theory behind this? Do you know anything about functions or are you still in the shit happy land of MBTI?

    All types can be musical, and all types can be artistic. Grow up and realize types have jobs, occupations, and interests from all parts of life. And while you're at it, learn how different sociotypes manifest in the making of art.

    But don't confine such a universal human endeavor such as music and the arts to a Sociotype. That's pathetic.

    What's your point? You think an Fi-ISFj wouldn't like to be mean? And an INTj would do it better?

    Lack of logic isn't confined to type, unfortunately for you.

    Are you saying that ISFjs as a rule won't be attracted to philosophy? Or as a rule, INTjs will? This is a ridiculous typing criteria. Sociotype determines PART of your cognitive processes. It doesn't dictate your scope of interests.

    Some people find philosophy important to learn about. Some people like ideas. And here you come along and insult ISFjs by saying your boyfriend doesn't like it, and therefore one 16th of the population won't like it either. This is fucking ridiculous.

    I suggest you read this.

    "Observing the presence of what seems to be a particular behavioral action/trait/skill/ability in another person, does not necessarily define what a person's type is, nor does it necessarily indicate the presence or absence of a function. To observe a person and say, "this person did <some action>, they must have <some function>!" or "this person can't do <some action>, they must not have <some function>!" is not an accurate or reliable approach to take. This kind of outlook over-simplifies matters of Socionics types and functions to an extent that they are no longer realistically valid theoretical constructs and it destroys both the pragmatic and explanatory value of Socionics theory. "

    from What the Functions Are Not (Expanded Revise) - Socionix

    "Fi is not...
    Empathy, morality, humanitarianism, charity, pacifism, being peaceful, never lying, being Gandhi, being Jesus, being wholesome, being good, being virtuous, being immaculate, innocence, love, romance, stupid sappyass love songs, puppies, being loyal, fidelity to your spouse, cupcakes, cute things, being judgmental, traditional attitudes, chastity. "

    Hah. It sounds like you're suggest bad losers at board games are ISFjs. And that people good at sports are a certain type. No, we're actually talking about cognitive processing.

    That's called gullibility. Wow. Just wow. Do you somehow think ISFjs are blind worshippers of ideas that don't make sense? Never questioning authority? Hating authority doesn't make you Alpha, Malia. Don't use Socionics as an excuse for justifying this shit. Te seeking does not make you a cult follower, and it doesn't make you a teachers pet - no SOCIONICS preference can do that.

    INTjs are all awkward mofos who go around with their fingers perpetually up their noses, eyes on their pocket protectors? Having a unique personal style equals FiSe? Aesthetics don't have a place in Socionics. Quit being dumb. This is is quite as silly as saying Si makes you good at designing your living arrangements.

    You're actually bordering on the point of offensive here. You're telling me being Gamma or Te seeking makes you believe in the authority of God or some church without question? Fuck off.

    So? Anyone can be interested in history and the past.

    How quaint. N types are in their heads and S types are grounded.

    Now ISFjs keenly feel the pangs of guilt from missing the call of duty?

    Sorry but you've yet to provide evidence as to why being a terrific dancer is type related. But oh yeah, because you don't KNOW any INTj good dancers, (how could you possibly know one 16th of the population, btw??) it isn't possible that there aren't any. Right. Really smart.

    And here we are. Functions become sweeping character judgements, a quadra dictates how objectively "weird" something is, and the shaving of heads is type related....

    Sorry, popularity isn't type related. And needing your space isn't Socionics introversion.

    F types are not more prone to baby talk. Because they are ~FEELERS~ and can't think logically? This is retarded. Care to justify this or is it what you have SEEN, and must therefore categorize a whole bunch of people you don't even know and never will?

    This isn't MBTI.

    Ne is not...
    Creativity, novelty, unconventionality, being original, being a genius, having imagination, synthesis, analogy or metaphor, invention, new ideas, free-thinking, open-mindedness, advancement, insight, possibilities, boundless potential, visuo-spatial thinking, divergent thinking, conceptual thinking, randomness, spontaneity, being scatter-brained, being ADD, shirking the status quo.

    Allie loves research. Claire likes learning about new things. And you're going to come along and say ISFjs hate research, because your boyfriend is one and they can't possibly be any different? Care to back this up or are you only interested in stating banal shit?

    Certainly "questioning everything" is not something type related, such a statement is vague and wishy washy and says nothing at all about the person in question.

    Are you channeling the eighth grade? No, I don't call people four eyed INTjs, say INTjs are nerds, or that they all have poor eyesight. Neither does Tom, it was a joke. Grow up.

    If you want to have a real discussion about actual thought processes, then quit the vague behavioral bullshit and offer something of substance.

    ANYWAY, I went back to copy paste everything, and apparently the original post has just been deleted by the moderator. But geez, so mean. It's like she assumed I meant a whole bunch of things and then got mad at the assumptions themselves!!! Like, WHAT?

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    Yeah, you were trolled.

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    This was probably an intelligent person who dealt with people less nuanced in understanding than themselves for so long that they've finally lost it. Now they just assume everyone is stupid if there's even a minor sign that could be construed to imply that they believe a common misconception, and tear into them like madmen.

    I've seen a lot of intelligent minds go this way. Some of them just can't handle the pressure and turn into twisted, bitter, angry creatures that can no longer see reality clearly, and are only responding to shadows and reflections of what lies in their own imagination and memories.

    They might effectively be trolls, but not all trolls start out like this. Just pointing that out.

    Perhaps you should pity them, if they're really that far gone.

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    Honestly, I've seen worse here. All those "sorries" just made me yawn.

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    That's just a bit ridiculous. What did the other members say to that? That couldn't have possibly been taken well... Someone probably saw the bullsh*t of that post.

    I've honestly been trolled on here. It's not pleasant. I won't say any names, but the person wouldn't listen to me (seemingly intentionally) and bashed my points by taking them out of context and blowing up the fake errors he saw. We were just talking about theory... Ugh. He dismissed mine and basically called me an idiot for thinking that, while it was perfectly valid. I felt bad too.

    It happens.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

    sCueI (primary Inquisition)

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